Ashley Hart | Characters

Ashley Hart | Characters

Ashley Hart by noir0083
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'7"
 Created: July 13th, 2010
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*In my Ashley Hart's universe, all toons and furries that appear conform to a human-heavy, more realistic body.*

Born and raised in the U.K. Ashley, age 22 is studying to follow in her fathers fame and footsteps to become a renowned treasure hunter. After her fathers disappearance and assumed death, Ashley was handed her fathers journal. Following the contents of this journal and the mystery of her father has brought her travels to Void City.

The journal explained the secrets inside artifacts of world histories greatest warriors and minds. It said that within these artifacts hold the abilities and motivations of their owners. Wielding any one of these items would grant the user a unique super natural power.
The journal also warned that some these artifacts could potentially hold world changing consequences just like their owners. Her father wrote that he was not alone in his discoveries. There was a huge underground network of thieves, collectors, historians, to name a few who were all seeking the powers of these artifacts. They would trade, buy, battle, and even hold tournaments to test the strength of these artifacts.
On the last page of the journal a note is left simply saying "Void City, Dr. Troy."

She's an athletic woman. Black hair with teal/light blue eyes. Her beauty is matched only by her cunning. She wouldn't hesitate to play men against each other in order to get her way. Confident and strong willed she loves to trash talk and tease her opponents without the use of profanity. She would steal, lie, or cheat if it would get her closer to the next artifact or whereabouts of her father.

Master of thievery, disguise, and manipulation. She can sweet talk her way out any situation involving a man. Superb acrobatic and evasive skills and techniques.


Artifact Weapon: Mochizuki Chiyome's Fan Kyoketsu shoge:

See link for historical person info:

The fan weapon greatly increases Ashley's ability to seduce average men.

By opening the fan Ashley can unleash a shrouding mist that allows her to instantly change her outfit. This includes her clothes, hair style, and makeup. It does NOT change her bone structure, voice, height, weight. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

The pouch on her right side contains several throwing knives and lock picking tools.

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