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 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'10
 Created: July 8th, 2010
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Full name: Salvatore Valentino Galactore
Nickname: Salvo
Age: 30
Height: 6’10
Weight: 260 lbs (well built)

Salvatore Galactore is a perfect Gentleman. Always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need, always ready to stand for justice and always snappily dressed; Salvatore strives to be a kind-hearted hero and a symbol of hope for those without it.
That being said, Salvo’s biggest weakness is that he’s too nice and definitely way too trusting. He’s also quite tenacious about fighting evil; to the point where he’ll chase down someone he believes to be an evildoer who actually turns out to be no more harmful than a declawed kitten.
At least it can be said that he always apologizes when he realizes that he’s wrong, but it still doesn’t make the whole ordeal any less painful to those who don’t help him to realize soon enough.
Overall, Salvo draws too much attention to himself; attention that may very well get him killed one day.

Salvo hails from a bloodline of dark psychic practitioners who masquerade as fortune tellers and wandering gypsies.
It is in the Galactore family creed to travel the world and bring about peace wherever there is strife; however, there are some places that even the Galactore family forbids their kin to visit.
One such place is the enigmatic Void City; a city that sees destruction as often as it sees the sunrise, yet still it remains intact and full of conflict.
Not heeding the words of his Nonna, Salvo set off to Void City and even started renting an apartment there.
His goals? To bring peace to Void City through ultimately understanding what it is that draws people to it, and what effect the city seems to have on its occupants to make them want to fight all the time.
Salvo vows to get to the bottom of this and set things right!

The purple star markings on Salvo’s body are a symbol of the Galactore bloodline’s power.
The Galactore family teaches their children from an early age to master dark powers of the mind, so that they may build a tolerance for dark presences within themselves and ultimately protect themselves from hostile mind invasions. As you can imagine, they are firm believers in ‘fighting fire with fire’.

- The dark powers at Salvo’s disposal augment his physical strength; he can break through most mundane walls with ease and can uproot common light poles if given a chance.

- Salvo’s powers also allows him the ability to project tangible force barriers to further bolster his defensive capabilities.

- Perhaps the most intriguing of the Galactore Bloodline’s powers is the ‘Galactore Mind-Tap’. This technique allows the user to tap into the memories stored in a subject’s mind. To execute correctly, the user must press one of their sacred purple star markings over a subject’s forehead and hold it there. For the duration of the technique, the user’s body is locked in position.
The amount and severity of the information learned from a subject is entirely dependent on the user’s ability to maintain physical connection and dominance over the subject’s mind. This is why Salvo has trained his body as well as his mind.

-Salvo can meditate and use freshly learned memories gained through the Galactore Mind-Tap to visualize a ghostly trail that will lead him to objects, places and even people that are present within the memories.

Life in Void City:
-As much as he would like to do nothing but fight evil all day, Salvo knows he has to make a living somehow, so he is currently working to set up a clinic where he can be a counseling psychologist. He figures he might as well earn a living helping people whenever he’s not out helping people.

-Salvo is somewhat taken aback by the mistreatment of the Anthro community of Void, so he makes it a habit to be on the lookout for signs of prejudice against them and takes part in any protests against VCPD brutality whenever possible.

Extra little details:
-Salvo is VERY flamboyant. Even on the odd chance that he’s being deadly serious, he’ll still fight using fanciful movements, yet somehow he remains a competitive fighter.

-Even Salvo cannot keep track of all the information he obtains through the Mind-Tap, so he often writes down whatever new information he learns while it’s fresh in his head into a book that he keeps on him at all times. If not for the book, Salvo would not be able to remember half the people that he meets.

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