Nevermore | Characters

Nevermore | Characters

Nevermore by Blinkspeed
 Gender: Scarecrow
 Height: 7' 8"
 Created: July 7th, 2010
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Name: Nevermore
Height: 7'8" (with hat)
Weight: Very light
Age: Unknown
Species: Possessed Scarecrow

About: After being brought to life by an evil curse known as the "curse of nevermore," the scarecrow wreaked havoc and terror on countless victims. Eventually it was defeated with a special scythe that has been enchanted to dispel the curse. However, the curse proved too strong to actually destroy and was only weakened and removed from it's host as a spirit while a little power was leftover in the scarecrow. Having the evil separated from itself, the scarecrow, which called itself Nevermore after the curse, began to wander the Earth while fleeing from the dark specter that seeks to reclaim it's original body and power. Recently, Nevermore has came across a new place to stay in Void City...

Nevermore is a quiet and logical individual. He understands that his presence among others could frighten them or put the in harm's way, so he avoids contact as much as possible and sticks to the shadows when moving. Although that doesn't mean he enjoys some company every now and then. During his travels, he has attempted to understand human behavior and is very insightful towards most of the situations he's in. He'll puzzle over a problem until he finds an answer and he doesn't like to talk a lot (most of what he says are one word answers). Nevy is constantly tormented by his past and fear of being captured by the curse, so he always seems to be troubled and depressed when left to his own thoughts. He doesn't necessarily like violence, but he won't hesitate to attack if threatened or if someone is guilty of an evil sin. Due to the fear of his curse, he's developed a slight phobia of black birds.

Aside from having an enchanted scythe, Nevermore uses his lightweight and surroundings to his advantage. What he lacks in physical strength, he makes up for in agility and swift maneuvers. Being a scarecrow, he has an unlimited amount of stamina, but getting him soaked could slow him down. He has a certain degree of magical prowess and knowledge of runes, but these abilities are pretty weak and only induce some kind of fear or illusion on a single target.

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