Shawn and Dexter | Characters

Shawn and Dexter | Characters

 Gender: Male and Alien
 Height: about 5'9''
 Created: July 4th, 2010
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Shawn is a dumb 21 year old kid from VOID city. He's a hopeless romantic.

Dexter is an alien. He got bored of life on his planet so decided to come to earth to take it over.

The Earths atmosphere however does not allow Dexter to survive on his own, he need's to attach himself to a human to survive.

The connection they share is more parasitic than anything, Dexter feeds off of Shawn’s energy, feelings and emotions to empower himself. Shawn needs Dexter’s strength to be more than just another dumb kid...

With this in mind they enter the VOID Invitational...

After failing in the first round of the invitational Shawn and Dexter took a break for a while, what comes next? who knows!

Name: Shawn
Place of birth: VOID; Lower District
Age: 21
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 150
Powers: Has the ability to transform Dexter into anything he can think of. (eg.A fist to punch shit)
Weakness: Is still only human, relies on Dexter for protection.

Name: Dexter
Powers: Can transform into anything Shawn can imagine.
Weakness: Can only transform if Shawn provides him with enough power through his feelings and energy etc.

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