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Glyph | Characters

Glyph by SilverLimit
 Gender: Male
 Height: Unknown
 Created: Prior to recording
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Name: Rick \"Glyph\" Gliffson
Age: 25
Height: 6,1
Eyes: Green
Hair: Hunter

Rick Gliffson (or \"Glyph\" as he was later dubbed but the thugs of VOID City) originally hails from a technologically advanced city called Telguno. During that time, he committed many atrocities under orders of a terrorist sect until he finally managed to escape into the wilderness. His flee wasn\'t without it\'s consequences however, as pursuing former-friend Dimitri claimed his arm and left him for dead....

That is until he was discovered by the Shai-Kume. A peaceful shaman-like race that studied the forces of magic and nature. Showing great hospitality, they took him in and taught him their ways, cleansing the scars of his bloodstained soul. During the many years he spent among them, he learned how to harness strength from the earth to empower his body and clear his mind. He was also given a bronze Shai-Kume ring-gauntlet to replace his missing right arm. In time, using the teachings, he learned to control the gauntlet telepathically until it felt more natural than his former one.

While meditating one day, he felt a great cry of death and bloodshed wash over him from the West. This evil echo, he soon discovered, emanated from VOID City. A great sense of justice in his heart to resolve the errors of his past, he left his Shai-Kume brethren and ventured west to bring right the corruption that seethed from VOID\'s polluted streets. He currently is a resident of ClearView apartments in the inner city of VOID. There he found a reasonably nice job as a comic strip artist for the VOID times. His strip CHIBI GLYPH pays his bills by day, as he scours the streets to extinguish evil by night.

Recently, Lillith Lessing, an old childhood friend of Glyph\'s, came to VOID to warn him of his former nemesis. Dimitri, the one who took his arm, had caught word of Glyph\'s recent activities and dispatched an unknown assassin to take him out before he should rise to become a threat to the terrorist cell back in Telguno. Lilly stands by Glyph\'s side now, defending her friend at all costs with he trusty QuickSilver 24 Magnum shotgun.


Glyph\'s main strength lies in his right arm, which is actually a hollow bronze gauntlet made of claws and rings. He can control each segment of the arm individually, exploding the gauntlet into several flying, razor-sharp rings which he can then control independently. His gauntlet\'s hand has bladelike fingers, good for slicing anything that gets in his way. Glyph also systematically draws energies from the earth, adding much to his physical strength and giving him a type of \"sixth sense\" that lets him sense when evil is near.

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