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Emo-Type | Characters

Emo-Type thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'0
 Created: January 28, 2010
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Sentai Submission
Code name: Silencer
Characterized as: Emo-Type
age: Unknown
height: 6'0
weight: N/A
Government Alpha Nu Nation weapon taken from his parents characterized as too dangerous to be trained. He was placed in a exo suite
to be contained. It keeps his emotions in check. They've tried to brain wash him to the point where they can use him, aim him,
and create the perfect super weapon. The problem is that they needed a test run. So they take him and place him in a tournament, the sentai tournament. When being shipped to void his suit is damaged in a mysterious plain crash. He arrives at his target and begins his work. He also believes his name is Emo-Type since the only name he hears is Emo-type and not his code name. The suit never comes off, it's his prison it keeps him contained and from experiencing real touch or contact with anyone in fear that his emotions won't be checked.

The suit only has the vision lenses. Night, motion, heat, and a scanner for target information.

Personality: Speaks mainly internally, externally are all yes sir's and no sir's. He will eventually let out a sentence or two when the time calls. Other than that won't speak

Powers: Emotional based powers

Rage- burst into flames and destroys all things in sight, explosives force, heat vission. Grows in size to a beast of unknown and size and description giant flame creature. Suit is form fitting so grows with him

depressed/ sad- vanishes almost like a camo and a single touch can cause someone to become like ash immediately. When visible is a tall lanky death like character fades in and out. Wind blows and he will fade like sand blowing in the wins

Joy- Flight, healing factor, and can bring anyone back to life except himself. Is his true self and more life like.

Jealousy- Shape Shift into anyone or anything, will have one of the diamonds on his had to tell from him and the person he shape shifts to.

He is a weapon, and as the suit starts to fall apart he starts slowly experiencing his human side, making him more dangerous and bringing out a small personality of a person without a childhood.

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