The Brick | Characters

The Brick | Characters

 Gender: a brick
 Height: a brick
 Created: January 27th, 2010
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He strikes when nobody expects it. Whether they be sipping coffee, walking down the street, or shopping for milk. All his targets ever experience is a straight brick to the face. If that doesn't work, he's very comfortable with simply stabbing you in the back. Nobody knows how he does it though, because every time he's seen he's simply a brick with an eyepatch that just sits there. Most assume that somebody from somewhere threw a brick at them, but nobody ever sees who threw it. Rest assured, when given a job the Flying Brick will see it through with lethal efficiency.

(UPDATE:) Four years in the underworld has done much to weather the rocky fortitude of the Flying Brick. With the portal to the living now open and undead souls crawling from the woodworks, he has been tasked by Death herself to bring them all back by any means necessary. Fashioning a blade from a railroad spike and gathering several feet of razor wire, Brick sets out for one more job. Sucess means permanent residence among the living. Failure? Well, at least he's taking as many souls back with him as possible.

Note: The Flying Brick never talks or moves on camera. He can dash into someone's face or just be standing on a curb, but he is able to trigger major collateral damage in his wake. Imagine him to either a Weeping Angel or Freddy Fazbear in terms of locomotion and you've got it. Now that he's armed with a knife and wire, he's got another lethal weapon he can throw offscreen and nobody would be one the wiser.

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