Tony Faraday | Characters

Tony Faraday | Characters

Tony Faraday by London
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6' 3&amp
 Created: August 13th, 2009
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Name- Anthony "Tony" Faraday
Height- 6'3"
Weight- 195 lb
Gender- Male
Age- 18


Tony is the sort of laid back guy that everyone gets along with. Born and raised in Malibu never had a problem with money and doesn't feel he ever had to work hard in school so most of his time was spent surfing, playing the guitar, and hitting on girls. Now this isn't to say he is unintelligent he just doesn’t care about school, and the contestant pressure from his father who is a scientist at military facility on the outskirts of LA. When Tony went to to pick his father up from the base when his car died Tony arrived and couldn’t find his father or anyone for that matter, so he continued into the base. Lights were flashing and an alarm was
blaring "containment breach". Its at this point that Tony was suddenly engulfed in a strange metallic liquid.


As said above Tony is laid back and easy to get along with. However he is a sarcastic sonofabitch
and although he usually means well, it can sometimes rub people the wrong way. He is usually passive
but catch him at the wrong time or push him to far and he can hold his own quite well. He is a bit
of a womanizer. However despite this he still is a good hearted guy. He likes attention, mainly because despite how outgoing he is he is rather insecure and uses flashy clothes and nice stuff as a way of hiding it.

-Talents- Tony is a musical fiend. He picked up guitar as a way to meet girls and it quickly turned into part of his being.
He is very gifted in playing and he listens to a huge range of music and finds it to be a strong source of wisdom.
Though he rarely got in fights he can still fight well, no real style. If you can call it a talent, he is great with girls.


Energy Absorption and Integration: Though at first Tony doesn’t realize it, the suit gives him control over energy in all its forms. However the suit cannot create its own energy, in order to use his powers he needs drain energy, at first he can only do this through electricity because it is the easiest to
control. He can then internalize this energy further increasing his strength and speed. Due to the constant stream of energy running through his body his reflexes are nearly instant though his body cant always keep up. If he has a great enough charge he can release that energy and he can do this, again, in any of the forms of energy although at the beginning electricity is the easiest of these for him. And as he gets more practice other uses of the suit will become clear.
General: The suit increases his body's natural abilities: speed, strength, reflexes, agility ect..

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