Kars | Characters

Kars | Characters

Kars by Ten Dead Kings
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6 feet
 Created: August 6th, 2009
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Once upon a time, an off-duty mage went dungeon-crawling. The adventure turned into a disaster,
and hounded by the very people he had been sworn to protect, he jumped through a portal and
arrived in the middle of Void City.

Now going by the name of Kars, and his soul bound to armor infused with great magics,
he roams the dead wastes of the City hunting for lost artifacts and knowledge of the arcane, keeping them "safe" from those unknowing of their true power.

Skills: - Elemental magic (flamethrower, shooting lightning from fingers, etc.)
- Ridiculous magic and physical resistances.
- His stats are that of a dungeon end boss.

Lodgings: - Stoneheart Keep, in between the city outskirts and a dark forest. Built it himself using a "Overlord Lairs Weekly"
magazine he found one day.
- Stores his artifact collection there, which is slowly growing.
- Also inhabited by various monsters and beings who somehow gravitated there after the meteor blew up the city.(For
reference, if it's in the Monster Manual, you can at least find a specimen or two here.)
- Kars doesn't charge rent, and he could just magic some more rooms whenever they need more. (pocket dimension
- In return for staying there, they keep the place clean, do errands for him, and try not to kill each other.

Disposition: - pretty cool guy, has adjusted to life in the City, though will start spell-slinging
when the situation calls for it. Likes to uphold the tenets of chivalry, as drilled
into him while undergoing mage training under the Kelbek Empire.
- Wishes to truly *know* himself and achieve mastery over
his form, so that he may re-take the form of a man.

Scars: - In a fit of insanity, Mr.Awesome has fired a laser at Kars' forehead, causing it to appear
as if he has a third eye. Under his colleagues' insistence, he decides to keep it.
- After some shenanigans with Andre, Kars is now near-sighted and needs prescription glasses to see properly.

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