Soldat Veritas | Characters

Soldat Veritas | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'6
 Created: June 11th, 2009
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Bio: Olympia Roselock was a normal teenager until a savage attack left her father dead and the prototype nanotech armor, Soldat Veritas in her hands. Sponsored by the Galvan-X corporation, her mission in life is to kill the shapeshifting creatures known as Liars and avenge her father's death. But what is the origin of the Liars? Why are they centered in Void City? And furthermore, what are Galvan-X's plans for the future?

Personality: Olympia is typically a quiet, shy and withdrawn young woman and has been since her father's death. Yet in the midst of battle or when becoming Soldat Veritas, she becomes hot blooded and impulsive. She fights with a certain bloodlust in her movements. She is driven to finish off her targets.

Abilities: Without the suit, not much except she knows basic hand to hand combat skills taught to her by teachers hired by Galvan-X. She was somewhat athletic beforehand. As Soldat Veritas, she is several times stronger and faster than a normal person and on par with some of Void's more...noticeable citizens.

The left forearm has a panel with rapid fire arm cannon. The right forearm is covered in a specialized brace which produces mild shock. A modified shotgun is her basic weapon. In order to activate any of her finishers she needs to activate a special mode known as Dynamic Mode (pictured above) whose initial release has a large buildup of heat and will scorch her surroundings. Dynamic Mode can be sustained for three full minutes in which she is even faster and stronger than her basic form. Repeated usage of her finishers, halve operation time. So in theory she might be able to pull off three to four finishers before the suit calls it quits, leaving her defenseless. It takes an hour or so for the energy to transform again to occur.

Dynamic Kick: Propelled by Dynamic Mode, energy gathers through the circuits in her sole delivering a devastating kick which can cause much internal damage.
Dynamic Punch: While in Dynamic Mode, energy gathers through her arm brace and she delivers a powerful high energy punch causing tons of damage.

NPC note: Professor Spalanzani is her contact to the Galvan-X Corporation. He is constantly monitoring her through the headset that forms in Soldat. He is typically disheveled man who is interested more in science than anything else. He works hard to unlock Coppelius Roselock's research and slowly begins to understand things about the belt and the armor it forms. Sometimes even he is in the dark about what else is going on in the world and behind his back.

vs. Xia: Defeated liar Primero with the aid of the wandering guitarist.

vs Pandora: In a wager held between GX and Father, Soldat and Pandora were led to a region on the outskirts of void where a community of liars known as Valvapoda had congregated. In the heat of battle, whether Pandora was programmed to or not, they engaged in a battle with no clear victor.

vs Edgar Grimsette: They met, Edgar freaks out, Soldat feels bad.

vs Haley: Haley finds a Valvapoda liarin the sewers and Olympia is able to track it down by following and blackmailing Haley. Haley walks away with a broken nose.

vs Polar Pal: Olympia dies.


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