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Yolanda | Characters

Yolanda by petite
 Gender: Lady
 Height: 5'4''
 Created: June 3rd, 2009
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Yolanda Wheatfield
Age: 24

Yolanda was born and raised in Void. She grew up with her parents and older brother. Parents decided to retire and move out of Void. Her brother is the current owner of the family Flower Shop, but is currently in hiatus. This being said, Yolanda is left with the responsibility of taking care of the shop. She is not a people-person, though she tries. She generally hates talking to customers and almost says all the wrong things when trying to win business. Yolanda usually wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. She has no special abilities or skills. She never went to college due to money issues. She has a thing for the military, men in a nice uniform or suit, but more importantly: a man with power. She doesn't care to much about money. A man with power is a plus for what she looks for in a man. She doesn't care how he obtains it or by what means. It can be any form of power.

Yolanda was evicted and currently sleeps on a chair in the back of the shop. But, she does tend to spend SOME nights over at her Ex's apartment. She only drinks when she's gone through some problems, which is on most occasions. Yolanda smokes only if they are in sight. She hates it when her Ex smokes in front of her. Instead of smashing the bud, she'd smoke it. On the nights that she spends at her Ex's is when she's had a bad day. If she's feeling down, drunk, or lonely she'll have sex with him. She won't take him back because she just doesn't want too. She's completely annoyed by him. She basically just uses him for sex.

The Ex:
Roy Shepard
Age: 26
Gender: Of Man
Height: 5'8''

The man Yolanda sleeps with, the Ex Boyfriend. They've known each other since Yolanda was 14 but did not start dating till she was 16-ish. They broke up when she was 23. He knows he's just being used but doesn't care because he is completely infatuated with her.

He smokes. He drinks. He makes a lot of money. He holds power in what he does but still isn't at the height of whatever company he works for. Yolanda doesn't know what he does and doesn't care. From time to time, he will help out at the shop and that's all she cares about. Though, Roy does tend to mess up a lot of deliveries and ends up getting his head chewed off. He finds it sexy when she's all hot and bothered. He does date other women, but his No. 1 Woman will always be Yolanda.

Roy is the tag along character.

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