Bat | Characters

Bat | Characters

Bat by NeoIcarus
 Gender: male
 Height: 4'5
 Created: May 26th, 2009
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Bat the Space Boy
(aka Space Student #52)

Even for an 11-space-year-old, Bat is a rambunctious boy. He lacks respect and is a terror for the faculty of the galactic private school aptly dubbed "Space School". Chances are he doesn't like you. And if he does like you, you'll never know it. He is stubborn and still hasn't leaned that people have lives that don't revolve around him. Don't confuse him with a bully. Bullies have agendas. Bat is just a jerk.


- Though humanoid, Bat comes from the planet Datt-1 (which can only be pronounced correctly if you point upward while saying it). Proud of his home planet, Bat will always pronounce it correctly.
- Bat doesn't come from a dysfunctional family. He has parents and siblings.
- Bat's planet is in the side of space where everyone seems to be named after nouns.
- Bat loves space and hates Earth. It is primitive and smells like fish.
- Bat's mean but not stupid.
- Bat speaks Space Standard-1 which is a lot like english only the word "space" tends to crop up more often.
- Bat wishes to become a Space Ace and help combat the alien bug monsters that plague the galaxy.
- His gloves come in a variety of colors. Feel free to stray from yellow.
- As hard as it is to believe, he has a few friends so don't assume he cries at night because he's all alone.


- Bat has no super powers. He can fight very well because he fights very often. He isn't trained in any style.
- Bat's space boots are Space School regulation. They allow him to latch onto metallic surfaces and have thrusters for maneuvering. On a planet with gravity equal to Earth's, they are pretty heavy and cumbersome. Try not to get kicked by them.
- Bat's Ear-PC is also a Space School device. It gives him public information of known planets and various other basic info. It also acts as a two-way radio. It gets space internet if there's space wifi.

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