Thomas Cummings | Characters

Thomas Cummings | Characters

Thomas Cummings by Sydney
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'2"
 Created: May 21st, 2009
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Name: Thomas Cummings
Age: 51
Height: 6'2"

If Thomas could chose be anything, he would be a knight in shining armor. He is honorable, committed to his duties and takes pride in taking the moral high road. However, he's grown to have a bitter attitude, honesty to a fault and a general apathy to his own well being. Far from idealized.

He is a very serious person, his sense of humor very dry and sarcastic. Usually stoic, he buries his emotions under his responsibilities. Without a doubt, Thomas is a fighter at heart. He flirts a lot with women but doesn't usually chase them due to his honor standards. Some more adjectives: stubborn, self-punishing, workaholic, resourceful, defensive, just, professional, driven, surly, passionate.

Thomas came to Void City to get a fresh start in the VCPD. A rouge furry tried to get him kicked off by turning him into one of them. He tried to stop the transformation with medication, but he still turns into a grizzly bear when he is emotionally overwhelmed. He tries to keep it quiet in order to protect his job.

He likes to build guns. His favorite is a gun base with many attachments, such as a flamethrower, an electromagnet, a buzzsaw and a grappling hook. The one attachment he won't make is a gun that shoots bullets. That's too easy and too deadly for him.

- yes, he does have control of himself as a bear, but only as much control as anyone else in an emotional state.
- yes, he had a daughter back home, but they were a very dysfunctional "family".
- no, he doesn't want to talk about it
- yes, he does love jazz music
- yes, he wears reading glasses
- no, he doesn't talk as a bear
- no, it is not painful to become a bear. It seems many times he doesn't even notice.
- no, he does not think his name is funny

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