Kuma | Characters

Kuma | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 1.75 m
 Created: May 18th, 2009
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Personality - Kuma is first and foremost a rebel, according to his point of view, there's only one way to do thingsl; his. He's a loner, he liked to sit on his own, listen to music and keep from interacting from others. He has no friends as he thinks feelings and attachments are a sign of weakness. He's very focused on his work, not because he's loyal to the orphanage, but because he enjoys the thrill of the hunt. He also makes a habit of smoking pot.

Powers - Because of his nature as a demon, Kuma has supernatural physical abilities, such as enhanced speed, resistance and strength. He feeds on Hadephobia (all orphanage demon feed on a particular fear), the fear of damnation and hell. its important to note that his left arm has been possessed by an infernal parasite called the Quazt-Thal

Quazt-Thal - Its a parasite from the plane where the Orphanage demons come from and has attached itself to Kuma's right arm. It feeds on the life power from demons and other cross, as well as any creatures derived from them, which is why he's extremely dangerous to all demonic beings near his host. In exchange from feeding on its life force, the Quazt-Thal confers special abilities to his host, enhancing his strength against its prey and allowing him to track other demons to eat. The Quazt-thal is restrained by a special gauntlet, otherwise it could consume Kuma entirely in a matter or weeks, when released, it will blindly track and consume other demons and orphanage agents, which is why Kuma must be paired with mercenaries and outsiders.

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