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MIA | Characters

 Gender: female
 Height: 4'9
 Created: March 3rd, 2009
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Real Name: Mia Bianchi
Gang Name: Diavolo
Gender: female
Race: human
Age: 16
Hair: natural black, dyes it pink (always)
Eyes: dark brown
Height: 1,52m
Weight: 40kg


Mia is a member of the Vatican mafia, sent to Void to study and learn why her family is in charge of purifying the evil of the Earth -since Void city is a great example of how disgraceful men can be and the sick environment that is created from that. She resides at Void High boarding school, where she lives most of the time...

However, during the nights she escapes from school with her partner in crime - Tap, in order to cause chaos and destruction around the city. When doing that, Mia wears a black uniform and call herself Diavolo, the one sent to destroy any hope the worthless beings of Void could have in their rotten souls.


Mia: acts like a lady during the day and it would be impossible to associate her to Diavolo, not only by the helmet, but the voice and personality. Mia is shy, quiet and spends most of the day at the library. A very lonely kid. Yet with a friendly and polite feel to her.

Diavolo: (Mia's alter ego) is serious - sarcastic, bossy and logical. She's polite but can be very acid and rude, yet keeping her feelings under control. She seems very coldhearted and sadistic, enjoying to inflict pain to others. When it comes to the BHS members, she's like a mother (full of care in a very scary way) - like Italian mafia, capisce?


Mia is an exorcist, and her weapon of choice is a cursed black bat that she calls "Saypls". Her bat allows her to bash the spirit outside a living being, leaving the body shell behind for a short period of time (enough for her to beat the crap outta the body - order Tap to do so of course; throw it into the ocean, a train tracks, and so on - yes she already did that). Held by someone else, the bat can hit straight into the victim's soul, but not make it abandon the body - that's something only Mia can do.

Her main power, however, is the ability to calculate and predict events by analyzing situations and the personality of people involved on it. Mia is cleaver and studies a lot. When she's not making her plans work, she's planning and planning. That's how she studies and learns, her family is totally proud!


She has a normal girl body strength and structure. Easy kill.
Psycho fucker that can't deal with a defeat. EVER.


Rich. Can buy anything, but prefers to handle just enough for surviving at the boarding school and keep the abandoned train station at South Void limits (you know, next to the road to Avoid city). The abandoned waggons are used as Black Hole Sun (BHS) base.

Tap is not her sidequick, but her partner in crime - and will be always close to her, no matter what - 2 against the world, babe! They're the current leaders of the Black Hole Sun gang.

Watching the city events for about an year, Mia decided it was time to her to step further on her "city domination" plan. She decided to make BHS stand by the best publicity ever: with it's leader joining and winning one of the most important tournaments held in that city: The Speedy of Death Tournament.

Leaving her gang fellas with the mission of "preparing for celebration" - easty to know what that means- Mia decided to register and wait for the tournament to start. It's not hard to understand her motivations:

Is there a better way to start gangwars for BHS?

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