Harahi Jenkins | Characters

Harahi Jenkins | Characters

 Gender: Grrl
 Height: Unknown
 Created: March 1st, 2009
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Real Name: Harahi Jenkins Aka The Harajuku Kid aka THK
Gang Name: Rad-I-Kill
Gender: Grrl
Race: Asskicker
Age: 15 1/2 (yes the half matters)
Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'3
Weight: 110lbs

Fun Facts:

Harahi Jenkins is the daughter of a mid level low popularity Japanese Robotic Villain from the 70's and a black woman with major 'tude. Her parents have zero parenting skills and spoiled their daughter evil. Also since her parents have no parenting skills she has spent much of her life at shitty summer camps and boarding schools. She is addicted to Harajuku fashion so much so that she beats people for loose change so she can support her fashion addiction. She has no real purpose other than to find as much fun as possible and fun either involves hurting people, stealing, or hurting people while stealing. She decided on creating an alter ego simply because it would give her something new to accessorize.


There is little difference between Harahi and Rad-I-Kill they are both extremely self centered and selfish. They exhibit bouts of infantile tantrums when they dont get their way. Often resulting in violence against whoever has "wronged" them. Harahi has an unhealthy obsession with Harajuku fashion. (google it) She can often be seen in a variety of outfits ranging from Cosplay to Lolita or Gorro...she is open to all of them as long as she looks cool. She also has at least 2 outfit changes a day.
Harahi makes everybody call her "The Hajarjuku Kid" or "THK" for short unless its Mia her BFF or her mother who can do whatever the fuck she wants.
She has much attitude. If you are looking for an analogue of her think Tank Girl + Miley Cyrus + Rattle Snake...she is feisty and stupid...which is a dangerous combination....

Harahi Attends Void Prep Boarding School while her parents are off committing acts of evil. During Summer Vacation she leaves Void and lives with her parents in Japan.

Harahi is apart of the BHS crew and fucks shit up as her alter ego Rad-I-Kill

She can get really really really angry. And she has a bamboo stick that she beats people with. She is a 10th level black belt in both Asskickery and Badassery she will fuck your shit up.
Her hair is a marvel of nature in that she can dye it, cut it, shape it, etc. into any style...ever...and it can change from day to day. Also when she is Rad-I-Kill her t-shirts always say some silly slogan because "Humor Tees are Rad"

She is rich as fuck....but has spent all her money on clothing so she actually is just a really good looking poor person.

the end

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