Todd Boggart | Characters

Todd Boggart | Characters

Todd Boggart by Wiggen
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5' 7''
 Created: February 21st, 2009
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Backstory: Todd Boggart was a low-tier conman who made his living selling fake rolexes and
hiding the pea in shell games. Then somebody chucked a bunch of bombs in the street, and he
died. Todd failed at life, but his consolation prize is an undead existence as a lime-green ghost.
For most of the newly dead, this would spur a new career in the art of making eery noises and
scaring trespassers, but Todd has a girlfriend he’s not ready to give up yet and an apartment in his
name. His only concern is how he can make some quick cash when he’s nothing but a blob of

Personality: There are only two things Todd cares about. One is his girlfriend Phyllis and the
other is what’s on television tonight. Anything else provokes frustration, anger, jealousy,
contempt, or any one of a hundred other negative emotions. He tends to show these emotions
with much sarcasm, dry humor, and way too many one-liners. But underlying all this is the
loyalty he feels towards Phyllis.

Powers: All standard ghostliness. Walk through walls, go invisible, flight. Todd has problems
picking up objects however, and not everybody can see him, even when he’s visible.

Phyllis: Todd’s girlfriend is pretty much the exact opposite of himself. She’s sweet, positive, and
willing to keep boyfriend even when he’s dead. She does not have a steady job, but paints
pictures. They do not sell well. She relies on Todd.

Writer’s Notes: The first line I’m writing in my first battle is “Oh God, I’m dead. I can’t believe
I’m dead!” But I don’t want to cramp your style. If you want to write a story where Todd is a
little more seasoned, by all means, don’t let me stand in your way.

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