Andre | Characters

Andre | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'0
 Created: January 26th, 2009
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"I'm your only hope."

Andre continues the mission. Andre continues to work tirelessly to defend the city from anything and everything. He does everything within his power to handle any and all crime and apocalyptic elements that show themselves to him. He hasn't slowed down at all, but as time has gone on, he's grown more suspicious of those he once considered on the side of good. The recent addition of the New VCPD has him wary and in his eyes the system is still broken. Conflict is inevitable, but he has yet to determine from where.


Andre's strength comes from his bracelet which is permanently bonded to him. It can never be removed unless Andre is killed. Simply removing the arm and placing it on someone else wouldn't give them any powers and would cause severe energy based shocks until they die.

Andre has immense physical strength through the bracelet's augmentations. He's able to move at super-human speeds and he is capable of flight. He can absorb energy and rejuvenate himself through it. Fire, Plasma, Electricity, Atomic, any sort of energy, it all goes into him to heal. Andre also can control energy blasts of his own. Because of this, he doesn't need to drink anything, eat anything, or sleep. He often forgoes these things entirely since it allows him to patrol constantly.

Andre can also absorb powers from others, he got the ability to fly from his deceased friend Tyr. He can kill people with this power as well, sucking out their life-force.

Andre lives a pretty solitary life. He doesn't have an apartment or place he stays anymore, nor does he stop patrolling the city. The few people in his life and few bonds he made are just that, few. As a result, he is a bit taciturn. He's not shy, but he doesn't offer up much conversation if it doesn't serve a purpose anymore. At heart, he's a good person, but he's very committed to his duty and he doesn't really allow himself time to do anything outside of protecting the city. Andre can be prone to a shoot first ask questions later mentality in order to prevent anything from going wrong.

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