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 Gender: Vessel/Male; Sexless
 Height: 5'2; varies
 Created: January 19th, 2009
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Name: Buer
Sex: Male Vessel---(sexless, demon form)
Height: Human 5'2 (Demon: various)

He is a demon meant to delegate for the devil in the wishing department for this old man called Jasper Mooncrass, who sold his soul.
He takes the form of Mooncrass's late grandson, which disturbs Jasper, much to Buer's satisfaction. One day summons audience with Buer.
The wishes complete (after spending it on wealth, power, and influence cliché), Buer goes out of curiosity.
When he arrives at his home, Buer can't be sure, but he's bull rushed by “unknowns” and then essence is broken, dispersed into 21 pags, with drawings of ladybugs (his celestial essence; his soul)

20 years later, he is resummoned by ghost hunters.

Personality: Virtually mute. Whenever he speaks, the fiber of existence trembles, his mouth becomes a dastardly blue and his lips vanish.
He usually says one word to a short sentence. He only speaks when he's happy. He roars and uses his powers when he's angry.
He's wandering Voidcity for answers. And feeding off the fears of others.

Nightmarish Trance
he Enters anyone's mind one way or another, and manipulate the picture of the world they perceive. Their not walking or talking (mostly screaming) Buer has put a pause on their pursuit...completely incapacitated, paralyzed to the spot where he Entered (feels like frost bite on the earlobe) and puts them on a trance, where they begin to imagine horrific, horrendous things. IN which, he usually takes the form (in various sizes) as a reptilian, guerrilla with a long monstrous face. Using what he can to find the source of anyone's fears. Pulling memories (repressed or otherwise), embarrassment, shame, hate, to get them off course, and induce fear from it.

no matter what...Buer has always just been inside your mind (even just a little)...This is his second to the last-form of attack. By creating sounds that aren't there. From a car horn about to crash into you, or a people you've known (intimate to you) recalling secrets, disappointment, just to lower your moral or discourage you. Then there's full out hallucinations of things that aren't there. Projecting quick flashes of himself running left, or a flash of a long lost relative decomposing. Quick flashes.
(Since he moves from Nightmarish Trance to Hallucinations because you've either beat you're way out of it. Or he's exhausted.)

Blue Flame.
His last form of defence. Burning hands, Burning feet, that are conveyed in blue flame. If held, he touches you. If he runs into an old wooden house, he's trying to burn it down and make his escape from the catastrophe. Hoping you're trapped inside, or he's thrown you off to think he's died in the fire.

Fire resistant
Fire can't harm him. He'll sit in that house, safe inside, waiting for you to go away.

From his human vessel to his demonic form. All wounds, given time, will close and heal. Varies depending on how critical the wounds.

Human Form-
As a cruel joke, he expended great energy to create a human form in the visage of Mooncrass's grandson. So he wears it until it breaks. It's just basically the skin, with hair, eyeballs, tongue. Hollow inside, where his true demonic form hides. Plus, he's taken a liken to this particular human form. So should he ever break his current one, he'll revert using this appearance for future human vessels.

True Demonic Form
He is a swarm of 21 blue lady bugs. Should his vessel ever split open, 21 blue lady bugs will spill out. He is at his most vulnerable at this state. The ladybugs wreak horribly, and, if in peril, will all take flight (in one mind), away from danger. Still fire resistant, but not stomp proof.

reduce Buer to his true form. Crush every last 21 blue lady bugs, which is crippling for him (one after the other)...it will flush him back down to hell. In time, he'll recuperate and return. If all 21 aren't crushed, those that have been will slowly inflate, regroup with the other 20, regather their strength, and become whole again; if uninterrupted.
...but death happens with exposure to holy things. Man-made holy things are weaker (crosses, holy water, church bells, WWJD T-shirts). Heavenly items are stronger. (heavenly light, holy fire sword, holy hand grenade)

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