Huesitos the Warrior | Characters

Huesitos the Warrior | Characters

 Gender: male
 Height: 1,53 meters
 Created: December 25th, 2008
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Huesitos was a prominent warrior of his tribe, conquering other villages and expanding their territory. By age 21, he had conquered all neighboring tribes and was the most powerful Warrior in the area. Bored of the peace after conquest, he decided to look for tougher challenges. He traveled the world, defeating enemies and learning new and powerful abilities, and eventually, blinded by his pride, he decided to face the gods on mount Citala. There he met an old man who turned to be Bako, a mad and merciless god, Huesitos attacked the god and in return, he was punished by the god, who made him 10 years old again and took away all his abilities and powers. In order to regain his previous form, Huesitos must now do the god’s bidding, he must collect warriors for Bako, in order to aid him the god gave him a dragon called Atila and during each mission, a small bag of mushrooms. The Mushrooms contain the essence of his old powers, so by eating one, Huesitos will randomly regain one of his powers for a short period of time.


Huesitos: He’ll be happy as long as he’s fighting, though he hates to lose

Dragon: Bakos’ Dragon, called Atila, it cares little for Huesitos, but will still help him due to his master’s orders.

Mushroom: A set number of mushrooms is given by Bako to Huesitos before each mission. They contain Huesitos’ old powers, but they’re effect lasts only a limited time.

Bako: He likes alcohol and women, he’s easily bored and seeks to destroy the other gods.

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