H.E.A.T. | Characters

H.E.A.T. | Characters

 Gender: male
 Height: 2 m
 Created: September 26th, 2008
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Name: H.E.A.T. (Heavy Extermination Assault Tech)
Gender: male
Race: alien cyborg (made from Mercury genes)
Age: 2 years from activation (appearance of 22-25)
Height: 2.0m
Weight: about a ton

Fights order and brief resume:
Issue 1: "I can't believe you've done this" *vs Copper Mouth* > Heat gets revenge on an old buller. Carey Soup saga starts here.
Issue 2: "Everybody gets served" *missing chapter* > Heat gets late for the Carey soup and has to deal with Soup DOOM.
Issue 3: "An eye for an arm" *vs Mortido* > Heat get's his ass kicked by a mercenary. Toaster head saga starts here.
Issue 4: "It's not my time" *vs Huesitos* > Heat gets involved into things that are not of his business and almost get beaten by an angry kid.
Issue 5: - "Heroic Crisis" - rolling.

Current situation:

Abandoned by Zeros - no explanations given- and lost contact with Halo tech base since the fight with Mortido. H.E.A.T now walks around the city dressed as a hobo and fighting crime by his own (he lost his flying powers due to the massive head damage and also had his power decreased to 10%, by having both arms almost destroyed in the same fight that took his former head).

Also, having his core damaged already made him understand that his life time is running low and deactivation is on the way.

Note: He's being stalked by some Halo tech Elite soldiers for unknown reasons. H.E.A.T doesn't seen to notice that tough.

Blah Blah Blah long bio/description ahead. Read at your own risk.

Story: He's a prototype created from alien genes by Halo tech. Nothing is known from the project, since the organization is secret and above all laws from the actual government. H.E.A.T. is the only one of his kind, a mix of technology and organic matter, also known as Alfa-00. He was sent to Void to test his abilities and also collect DNA data from some people that caught the attention of the corporation.

His personality system was made in a way so he thinks he's a hero and his main data covers all the "good american super hero guy" codes, from not killing to never start a fight before trying to argue and settle things without violence (obviously this does not apply for aliens, monsters or people dressed in red). He also thinks that everybody listed by the corporation for the medullar DNA removal are super villains and that he's totally helping the corporation to study those said villain’s weaknesses and keep everything under control.

To never lose track of their creation, Halo tech. sent their best agent to follow H.E.A.T. around and also be the communicator between the parties. That's ZEROS (or 00). Everybody knows her from her tasks. She never failed a mission. She's discreet and would never pee in your carpet. Move information about her is totally confidential, sorry. Think about.... JASON BOURNE.

Personality: H.E.A.T. was instructed to talk as few as possible, to avoid more human contact than necessary to help people and also not to spread any information about his mission, origins or anything. Aside from that, he's a nice guy (very very naive, since his program does not cover smart asses, he can be tricked so easily it hurts. That's why ZEROS takes care of him till his experiences in real life situations start to cover all the flaws of the main system). H.E.A.T. is friendly and gentle when speaking, despite of almost never smiling (he never had to).

Powers: H.E.A.T. has super strength/resistance/speed (read SUPERMAN), can fly (by controlling his own gravity at will - dude has a sun for heart!) and has devices on his arms that makes it possible for him to start combustion reactions and control then (pyromancer). His systems also allows him to scan DNA and track people (like a GPS!) and also calculate data from scanning things (he can tell if a person is nervous by "reading" a system analysis of the heat or cardiac compass, for example).

Weaknesses: From the base genes used to build him, H.E.A.T. got the main weaknesses against Sun reactions. That means that the far he gets from the Sun, the stronger he gets (so, at Mercury, H.E.A.T. would be as powerful as a normal human would be, now on Earth... heh. That also makes him stronger at night, but not an OMG amazing difference...), that's caused by the reflection of the Sun material. He has carbon sensibility since his Tech organic body has a very instable combination, so hitting him with a carbon bar would not only make him collapse but also "break trough" his powers and make it possible to break him into pieces, ignoring the super resistance shit. A pencil does the job too. Seriously.

Computer viruses do nothing to him, the closer it can get to harming him is a headache, nothing more.

H.E.A.T. has a "lock" battery that makes it easier for Halo tech. to control him. It takes 18 hours to reach the red line and can only be recharged after taking specific medication, or else the main system shuts down and puts him into a coma-like state. H.E.A.T. has to take his pills everyday or his battery won't charge. ZEROS is the one responsible for bringing his meds.

Equipment: Since he has to hide as much as possible when not acting all super hero around the city, he usually walks around dressed as a hobo. Problem is that his clothing is not dirty enough, do not stink and everybody can see the mask and the uniform boots under the disguise. Aside from that, no one can tell that the hobo and the hero are the same person. It's all about the glasses.

ZEROS is not his pet. In fact, it's more like H.E.A.T. being the pet. She's just that awesome. She can appear and disappear all ninja-like at will, bringing his clothes back or another briefcase full of mission shit. And pills. Oh yesss….pills of happiness….

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