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 Title: Armageddon 2010 Winner
 Gender: male
 Height: 5'6"
 Created: September 17th, 2008
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**Works at Void Burger...void burger outfit optional
**Thinks Vivian River is the hottest chick in Void
**Works with Ghost Revolver for their agency dubbed Murder Bullets Inc.

This is a fairly condensed version of FLint's history if you really wanna know how he came to be I can email you the annotated notes...heh...

Full Name: Flint Locke the Prodigal...born- Than Suh Lakh
Age: 274 (stopped aging at 15)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145lbs.

Flint Locke is the illegitimate son of the evil leader of a group of ninja who migrated to Manchuria in the 12th century and a Burmese pirate named Ona Lakh. Flint's father, Lin Kuei, bartered his sons soul to a mischievous forest spirit in return for eternal life. On Flint's 15th birthday his soul was to be sacrificed and eaten by the forest spirit and Lin Kuei's soul was to enter the younger vessel taking with it Lin's memories, and power. Ona discovered this plot, but was to late to stop it. She arrived on the seen just as Lin Kuei spoke the last words of the incantation and she saw Flint's soul leave his body. She made a new barter with the forest spirit offering herself and to return Flint's spirit to his body. The forest spirit accepted, but because he was mischievous he informed them all of the terrible fates that she had resigned them all to. Lin Kuei was to lose half of his power and it was bestowed upon Flint, he also was given eternal life like he had asked but his punishment was to be resigned to living in the same deteriorating body. The only way for Lin Kuei to die was to kill Flint who was the new bearer of his soul lifeforce. Flint gained these new powers but could not use them without finding the necessary incantations to unlock each specific power. Flint was given eternal youth, but was not made immortal, however his body was made tough and resilient. Ona got the worst punishment. The forest spirit did not take her soul he however imprisoned her forcing her to mate and make new souls for the spirit to devour for eternity.

Flint sought to kill Lin Kuei but was unable to. Lin could not kill Flint or it would in turn be suicide. They went their separate ways and Flint swore vengeance on Lin. and has spent the time since travelling the world and having adventures.


Martial Arts - Flint uses a modified style of ninjitsu that focuses on redirection and redistribution of energy making it an excellent defensive style however because of his power constraints he lacks true attacking power. The style was developed in the Manchurian wilderness and relies heavily on using ones environment to its utmost efficiency. Wide open areas are a weakness of this style. Also he spent most of his childhood on the Burmese pirate vessels and developed a rather acrobatic facility with walking and running along ropes, scaling masts with ease, and maintaining his balance on wet slippery and often treacherously moving surfaces.

Nunchaku - Flint primarily uses a bladed version of the nanchaku when his martial arts are not enough. He is quite skilled in its use. but prefers to fight hand to hand

Flint Lock Pistol aka "The Last Resort"- During his travels Flint was employed on a pirate vessel that plundered near Portugal and Spain. He received this pistol as a gift from the captain of the Obsidian Wing (the name of the ship) Scrawled in the wood of the pistol was a Manchurian incantation that allows him to unlock some of the power bestowed upon him by the forest spirit. The problem is that its only a partial incantation. He can only direct the energy he opens up through the pistol, and as another cost it depletes part of his soul. If his soul is completely depleted he will not die but be forever trapped in his body completely aware of what is going on around him but in no way able to interact with his environment. Also the use of this weapon temporarily puts him in a catatonic state (depending on how much soul energy he uses it can go from 2 minutes to 2 weeks)

Incantations - Flint has only found 2 incantations (besides the partial for the soul energy blast) one which allows him to teleport himself (no one else) short distances. And the ability to turn off his pain centers for short amounts of time (i.e. the duration of a short fight)

Miscellaneous - Flint is an excellent sailor and has a penchant for smoking really good tobacco out of his 13th century chinese pipe. Also he is a heavy drinker which is the only time he displays any emotion, he usually becomes extremely obnoxious and a jokester. However when not on the sauce he is extremely antisocial and emotionless. Flint is also skilled in a variety of languages including spanish, portugese, canotnese, mandarin, japanese, and english.

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