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The Butcher | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 6' 3
 Created: June 23rd, 2008
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When he was only 8 years old his entire family was killed and he was horribly burnt in a freak accident by his favorite superhero. Growing up as a ward of the state, he was in and out of foster homes, forever avoiding adoption, due to the accident that left him horribly burnt over 90% of his body. At the age of 18 he enlisted in the military taking the opportunity to learn everything he could about combat and warfare, quickly rising through the ranks he made powerful friends within secret covert groups within the government, and after 12 years in the military, he went AWOL. Using equipment gained from these covert groups he began his war on superhuman kind. Taking it upon himself to eradicate anybody with superpowers. Aided only by his mysterious associate "Ghost" a woman who shares his passion in eradicating the superhuman race, the Butcher has parachuted into the heart of Void city in the hopes of destroying the City touched by heroes.

Update: The Butcher had been planing his return to Void when Ghost sent him on a mission. Feeling uneasy about the target (an unknown female) the Butcher accessed Ghost's personal files and found out the target was in fact his own daughter. Betrayed, he cut all ties with Ghost. Torn about what to do, he decided to hang up his guns for good. This however, incurred the wrath of Belael. Unknown to most, Belael is the reason the Butcher survived the attack that killed his family, Belael spared his life in exchange for his very soul. Since then, the Butcher has made a deal with Belael, he could have his soul back in exchange for sending one million souls to the pits of hell. Belael finding out about the Butcher's daughter, has captured her, and will only free her if the Butcher sends him two million souls as well as himself. Unable to refuse, the Butcher agreed and In order to seal this contract, the Butcher literally had to wade through hell fire. Now back in Void, the Butcher intends to to make good on his promise.

Powers and Abilities: Due to the severe burns he suffered as a child, the butcher's nerve endings have been severed, because of this he cannot feel pain, or any other tactile sensation (he however wears a suit designed to generate mild electric impulses to his brain letting him know when he's touching/lifting an object). This loss of touch has also granted him above average strength and endurance. The bulk of his abilities however, come from his military training he is an expert strategist, torturer, marksman, and close quarters combat specialist, he has also mastered several forms of chemical and germ warfare, several forms of hand to hand combat, he is also an olympic level gymnast. Never rushing into battle the Butcher has been known to study a super human for weeks before attempting an attack, making sure that there are no witnesses and that the attack goes smoothly. The Butcher certainly lives up to his name, quickly becoming a horror story/urban legend to both supers and civilians alike.

Update: Since the hellfire bath, the Butcher has lost all tactile sensation. His left arm was burned to its very bone, hence the metal encasing. He has also outfitted himself with multiple new weapons. Belael has gifted him with a soul sword (capable of cutting through solid steel) What the Butcher doesn't know, is blade is the physical embodiment of his mother's soul, and the handle is made up of the skeleton of his father. He is also outfitted with a hell gun, capable of firing any ammo he wishes, When shooting a spirit burst however, it acts as a direct link to the pit of hell containing the Butcher's victims, the souls impact with the force of a mortar. His left arm can also morph into a flamethrower that fires burst of pure hell fire. On his right wrist he has a device that amplifies his base strength, speed, and agility. As insurance Belael has attached an incubi to the Butcher's left arm. The demon shares a symbiotic relationship with the Butcher, and can morph its body to create spikes, ropes, or any sort of offensive/defensive item. The Butcher isn't happy about this.

Weaknesses: The Butchers skin is horribly burned and as such it can't breath, so he wears a water proof suit (primarily made up of Kevlar and an unknown material) the suit is filled with a "breathing Gel" that allows his skin to breath. As such he takes care not to damage the suit if possible. The suit is a kevlar mix so it can take some damage (resisting knife and small calibre bullet wounds but not much more than that.

Update: Most of the Butchers new weapons also have very bad drawbacks.
Hell Gun: Every time the Butcher uses a spirit burst shot it drains a soul from his personal tally. He has about 2,500. However, every soul he claims gets added to his tally.
Hell fire torch: When the Butcher opens the rift to hell to release the fire his insides are also engulfed in flame, this is the ONLY sensation the Butcher can still feel.
The skull in his chest acts as a scrying device that allows Belael to view the Butchers efforts. However, unbeknownst to the Butcher, it has a secondary effect. In the event of the Butchers death, it explodes and triggers a hell bomb. An explosion that is as destructive as a nuclear explosion, but instead of releasing radiation, or heat, it sends forth, for a split second, a horde of demons (one million total) that fly forth, claim souls, and then detonate, returning to hell. belael will claim his two million souls by any means necessary.

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