Marlin | Characters

Marlin | Characters

Marlin by Corny
 Gender: Dude
 Height: 6' 2''
 Created: June 17th, 2008
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Marlin the swamp monster human hybrid thing.

As we’ve all seen in the movies, the giant swamp beast kidnaps a hot lady from the nearby town. One of them kept his lady all night, and Marlin is what resulted. He was dumped at his dad’s swamp and was raised by the local group of frogs (with visits from daddy during the holidays) until he was too big to feed. Then they kicked his ass out and into Void. After a while of scrounging around, he met Pinn and moved into her bathroom. He lives in the tub and hides his manly teen magazines under the sink.

In order to pull his own weight around the apartment, Pinn makes him steal stuff whenever she can. Pickpocketing, robberies, shoplifting, whatever. If it looks easy he'll go for it.

Marlin’s got suction cups on his fingers and toes so he can basically climb up walls and stuff. He can’t do much else other than beat people up and impersonate a furry. He also likes to eat small animals. He can talk to amphibians and reptiles, so he doesn't eat them.

Marlin is a rather nervous person, but he tries to hide it by being something of an asshole. If you really got to know him he could sort of be seen as sweet, but it's a stretch.

Jackpot is a corgi, by the way. He's pretty dumb, but everybody loves him anyway. Marlin claims he only keeps him around to fatten him up, but in reality could never eat him. Jackpot is all he's got :'c

His eyes glow yellow in the dark apparently too.

He gets left home alone a lot, so sometimes he plays make-believe in the tub. He gets really engrossed in it too. He's hoarded frilly soaps while pretending to be a pirate. His large rubber ducky collection often plays the extra cast.

He's somwhere between 18-21. He doesn't even know.

Marlin woke up again, but not until after a horrifying barage of chase scenes involving porn music. He didn't sleep for a while after that. Also, he's incredibly defensive about his sexuality now. "WHAT. I'M NOT GAY. WHO TOLD YOU THAT"

JJ BONDAGE (see Bad Apple vs GVSR)
Yes that did happen. It was an official Loner's Club meeting. Marlin left after the car went through the house wondering why he joined that club if thats what their meetings are like.


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