Igor | Characters

Igor | Characters

Igor by Jake
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5\'9\"
 Created: June 4th, 2008
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Igor was a simple man- a heavy metal vocalist, playing shows at local venues with his band and living with his girlfriend in a one bedroom apartment. Then, one fateful afternoon, Igor was kicked out of his band as a result of his abrasive attitude and complete disregard for other people\'s feelings. Without band practice to go to, he returned to his apartment earlier than usual, only to find his girlfriend of three years cheating. At that moment, the devil intervened and offered Igor a new band and a new life. Three undead musicians were released from Hell and appeared before Igor- his new companions and bandmates. Now Igor rises from his wrecked life with new vigilance, ready to rock whoever wants to listen- and crush whoever does not.

Igor and his undead friends, having formed a band by the name of \"Geurnica,\" specialize in playing black metal and- to a slightly lesser degree- ruthless slaying. Though Igor is more of a brawler and will usually leave his opponents alive, the devil\'s musicians are more prone to decapitating and disemboweling their opponents. The guitarist and bassist carry their instruments (which have sharpened or serrated edges) with them. If no set is available at the site, the drummer uses a large hand-drum called a djembe.

The undead musicians, their hearing weathered by the screams of tormented souls in Hell, have a very high tolerance for sound and often play at a deafening volume that can produce enough kinetic energy to tear at the flesh of living organisms if they are too close to the amps. Igor, though quickly going deaf from years of metal concerts, wears earplugs when the volume gets to high for his human ears to bear.

Geurnica plays not just at music venues and bars, but everywhere- streets, malls, rooftops, front lawns- Igor has no respect for people\'s property or personal space and apologizes to no one.

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