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 Gender: Male
 Height: 5\'8
 Created: June 2nd, 2008
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Subject: Verse
Date of Birth: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Race: African American
Powers/Abilities: will be briefed during further Intel report

Subject, Zack Owens, aka “Verse” is a newcomer the void battlefield. Void intelligence reports that this fighter is not only an outsider to void city, but is also not even form this dimensional time line. In other words he is a distant traveler form another tangent \"Earth\" universe, adjacent to void city. Because of this there will be a lack of information about him.

First off, special opts void agents have been able to gather a few details of this stranger since he has been here. According to records his motive for arriving here involve extensive training and sparing with stronger fighters in order to increase his own strengths. (And for that he is in the right place). But for some reason it is still unknown to why he is in this particular universe to do so.

Subject has been seen wearing a cream colored ivory mask. But it is still uncertain if this mask is apart of his face, a fashion statement, or just the fear of publicized identity.

Upon further re-con void agents have been able to gather a complete analysis of the subjects abilities and weaknesses, and a little info on his personality background.

Do to a recent experimental test assaults on the subject, void records have confirmed and filed the extent of his powers

Subject is able to, through physiological response, induce matter or physiological manipulation. In other words subject is cable able of using his emotions as triggers to various powers.

For example one test agent confronted the subject out of complete randomness. The subject was startled resulting in an involuntary energy barrier forming around the subjects body. In other words, the subjects emotional fear triggered and defensive mechanism that protected him from harm. But in another situation the subject was provoked beyond his limit and was forced into battle. Because of this he was enraged with anger. The result of this was a tremendous increase in strength, speed, stamina, reflex, and energy manipulation.

Base on these two encounters in is confirmed the subject can be categorized as an “S” class treat. But it is still uncertain if the VPD will take immediate action, or just play things out. But as far as the void fighting committee is concerned he is welcome to participate.

Calculated static’s show that the subject has even more unique abilities attached to each emotion. A theorized chart was drawn to complete what other powers the subject may have.

Envy – May posses the ability to mimic or acquire the abilities that is desired after

Courage – May posses the ability to become somewhat invulnerable for a short period of time

Embarrassment – May posses the ability to turn invisible

Compassion - May posses the ability to heal those around him who are in need

Trust – May posses the ability to merge his own powers with another subject in order to become a stronger being (i.e. DBZ fusion technique)

Emotional response said to be malignant to the subject are as followed

Hate - complete lose of sanity. also is physically poisonous. state of emotions is a physical treat to himself and those with in his range

Sadness - makes him weak and diminishes his desire to fight

Guilt - lose of powers due to self blame of a situation.

Pride - swayed judgment of his actions and. develops a sort of sinister personality

As fare as physical combat, it is said that the subject is skilled in the martial arts such as –

Kung Fu
Muy Thai
Street Fighting
Free-style Capoeira
( all which he learned on earth in his dimension)

Special Unauthorized Report -
Fighter Personality Profile:

although Verse a powerful fighter, he is just a regular young adult. He is a humble, but assertive view on things. Like most like most super heros he his well presented and and sociable when he\'s not in costume. 19 year old Zack Owens( Verse ) is a college student studying in art. he often draws comics himself, and is really into the hole super-hero and justice thing. but aside form getting his powers and reading comics, the one thing that really pushed him in to being a do-gooder is because of all the wrongs and disaster that happen in his city. Zack is a very caring person, and a few things that takes him over the edge are situations where some one is being pushed around, i.e. a bully picking on a student and young teenager being forced into drugs, or a child being raped by there parent. all of these things is what triggers his power and forces him to take action. But as far as fighting, Verse is not likely to start a fight unless asking to spar with someone. though if he is proved he will retaliate with basic defensive attacks until things escalate

Last of all, the only know weapon reported that the subject uses is a mysterious sword that he materializes out of thin air. The sword, for some reason has the exact same energy signature as the subject, and for some reason has the same color coordination as well

But as far as things go, the future of this mysterious fighter will always be uncertain, so it is up to the hands of fait to unfold his destiny in this city.

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