David | Characters

David | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 6\'1\"
 Created: April 13th, 2008
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David was a fairly normal guy, living a fairly normal life. He had a girlfriend, a respectable desk job filing papers somewhere, and had even bought an apartment recently that was slightly larger than the closet at his mom\'s house. Things were looking good.

That is, until his mediocre car was sideswiped by some drugged up yuppie while he was on his way to work, causing it to spin across seven lanes of freeway traffic, flipping no less than five times, hitting a truckload of salmon before exploding in a spectacular fashion and burning to oily grease.

Fortunately he was not in the car at the time.

He was, in fact, thrown in the initial impact, the only time when not wearing your seatbelt CAN save you. He survived but sustained head trauma which took him to the hospital for a few weeks. He was released and things went pretty well for a few weeks before they took a massive turn for the worst.

David began to have horrible nightmares. At first they only took him when he was sleeping, but after a short while they began to pop in at breakfast, or during work. It was obvious that something had gone horribly wrong, even more apparent after the nightmares began spilling out of David\'s head one day and inconveniently dismembering his coworkers. His sleep patterns became increasingly bizarre, frequently including narcolepsy and sleepwalking. He tried wearing various hats to keep the nightmares in but nothing seemed to work. They would manifest at seemingly random times.

Now estranged by his family, coworkers, and an extremely pissed off girlfriend, David has unwittingly entered himself into the speed death tournament during a particularly lively bout of sleep walking. He has no idea he\'s entered the tournament or what he\'s in for.

--Killed by Jakob in round 2--

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