Doctor Anthropos | Characters

Doctor Anthropos | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 6\'5
 Created: April 7th, 2008
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Introduction Story:

Dr. Anthropos was some of the few man trying to make of Void City a better place to live. He worked at the Red Cross Hospitals Complex and a headmaster, and as a medic at the vague hours.

Unlike most Void City citizens, in his over 6 decades of living, Anthropos never showed any sign of super power, or fantastic feature, except having a good nature in such a place.

One day, a random fighter forced him into a trophy match, and stole his heart, invariably leaving him immobiized on the ground. Doctor Anthropos was buried, and as allowed by himself in life, his internal organs were removed for donation when he\'d hit the grave.

After so many years, the doc discovered he didn\'t have a power, but a special virus running through his WILL POWER. That virus would let his body move as he wished having blood running or not, and the virus spread all over his body, in a powerful will driven chain. Doctor Anthropos was buried alive. And he didn\'t like it.
Having stayed over a week reflecting on his grave, he figured that by maintaining the hospital curing the wounded fighters had lead to that situation he\'s in now, being betrayed by his own good way of living. The city was rotten, and there was no other way around it. He needed to do something about it.

Determined to find his organs, and possibly his heart, Anthropos hit a transplanting clinic in search for possible receptors of his stuff, and finds out the people who received them died either 1 or 2 days after. It was getting easy, since he could just raid their corpses and get the stuff back...except the fact that the heart wasn\'t even listed there.

During the first night asleep at home, Dr. Anthropos has a weird surprise - Several people invaded his home. He\'d have called the police if he saw them before, but it wasn\'t possible as he was the one caught in surprise in his own study room. What was more spookier about it was that every single of them walked towards to him and would just stare, with no words. On top of that, they present a characterist smell he could feel himself: a rotten smell. Those people in front of him were the receptors of his organs, and they were now his subordinates.

No, they were no longer themselves. Anthropos and these people had become one person, an one minded army. They had become Anthropos. And they had a new plan for the city.


Virus Anthropos:
-Contagion is given by the transplanting of any Anthropos organs.
-Kills the host within few days after contagion.
-The original body is ressurected by the virus, and maintains fully functional physical-wise, as long as the original willpower of the person remained.
-The ressurected body can be taken control at anytime by the doctor.
-When not in control, the body behaves as it did in life, except as leaning towards in behavior similarly to Anthropos.

Virus Anthropos + Flu/Sweet Itch virus:
-Add all the Anthropos symthoms to a flu virus ones, including being contagious through air.


SDT Chapters:
Round 1:
vs. Sweet Itch:
-Formation of the deadly epydemy known as Anthropos Virus takes place, by mixing the original virus with Sweet Itch\'s own body.

David vs Sebi the Immortal:
-Sebi loses the fight and gets locked inside David\'s head\'s shadow monster

OSBot vs Daughters of Danger:
-DoD gets one of their faces ripped off, and right after is killed by the robot.

Round 2:
vs. Adonis:
-The virus takes over most part of Void city, turning it into a zombie city.
-Adonis, one of the yet free persons alive, accidently meets Anthropos himself and gets killed, joining his ranks right after as a mighty combatant through the exchange of each other\'s left eye.
-Daughters of Danger corpse is revived by the addition of the Doctor\'s left arm.
-Dr. Anthropos loses 2 legs due to Adonis special technique \"laser eye-shot\".

Jacob vs David:
-David is killed, leaving Sebi\'s door to get out open.

Round 3:
vs Mr.Sun:
-Adonis, now a double for the real doctor, is sent after David, to obtain Sebi\'s immortal body using Anthropos cut legs, but discovers Sebi had flew away.
-In the city, after rampaging through zombies, Sebi finds Mr.Sun and acknoledging him as one of the tourney fighters, attempt to kill him, resulting in Mr.Sun\'s death.
-Mr.Sun causes a nuclear explosion in Void City.

Beyong Battle:
vs Mr.Sun vs Jacob vs OSbot:
-Dr. Anthropos sews his remaining arm in Dizzy, and is soon found by the surviving Sebi, and the still alive Jacob. Anthropos head is severed.
-Osbot comes from the sky and enters the fight. Jacob flees with the Doctor\'s living head in hands.
-Osbot kills Adonis, but Sebi is beheaded by a secret Adonis technique. Dizzy, now alive shows up and summon her robot King of Monsters contestant Big Brother, and kills OSBot.
-Jacob\'s desease, now revealed to be Anthropos virus itself, eventually kills the boy, and Daughters of Danger helps Anthropos sew his head in Sebi\'s headless body.
-Doctor Anthropos\' heart whereabouts are unknown even to this day.

-Rumors say the heartless doctor was scared to death by a zombie.
-Other rumors tell Sweet Itch eventually betrayed him and threw the head into a pirana lake.

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