Ace, the HeartLess 1 | Characters

Ace, the HeartLess 1 | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 5\'11\'\'
 Created: April 2nd, 2008
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-Ace wandered into the badlands of Void City followed by a small unit of BoyToyz
-After being attacked, Ace is assisted by Drednaut in the battle, then continues his journey
-Finding the magic shrine his master Nameless created he finds what he came to Vid for but it was a trap

Bio- Ace is a normal guy with really bad taste in women. His most recent girlfriend, the Queen Bitch, turned out to be a evil Muse bent on enslaving men to use as she pleases, Boytoyz. She tempted Ace with a wish, the only condition being that he must love her for the rest of HER life (2 bad she\'s immortal). After granting his wish (a secret) she steals his heart LITERALLY out his chest. But you know women, not even that was enough, the Queen Bitch wants Aces body. Something is special about him, though no one knows but her. Ace is currently running for his life constantly stalked by a psycho bitch with thousands of zombiefied love slaves at her command.

Powers- Ace isn\'t super strong, fast, or smart. His power thrives from his greatest weakness (no heart), he is completely cold blooded, ruthless and sadistic. He is also semi-immortal- he cannot be killed unless his entire body is destroyed or the QB dies.

Weapon- RedRum Revolverz(a.k.a \"The Devils\' Arms\")- a legendary pair of very powerful guns, that never need to be reloaded. They are fueled by hatred but the chambers must be cleaned after every 9 shots. He only uses this gun when in deep shit, he\'ll usually just use a regular one

Character- Ace likes to give off the impression thats he\'s happy so he smiles alot, even when getting his ass beat. Though in reality he is miserable and is slowly forgetting what happiness feels like. He doesn\'t trust alot of people but is still willing to help other out when he feels like it.

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