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Voodoo by Voodoo
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6\'5
 Created: March 29th, 2008
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Voodoo is the zombie corpse of Void fighter Voodootattoon(with some variations to his story). In Life he was a hero to some and a menace to those in power. After being raised from the dead though he is now pure evil. His power is far more stronger. Such abilities include levitation of himself and others, bringing corpses to life as zombies that do his bidding, summoning Jackals and Crocodiles, making weak men spew their guts out, and causing dark illusions. He\'s a formidable fighter but is not as effective with his powers when caught up in a fight. Although he is a zombie himself he is not immortal. He will kill innocents to turn them into his own minions.

*scroll down for background story
**intro on my old account is irrelevant - voodootattoon
**Theirs a reason for him turning evil that i havent yet revealed. If your gonna battle me and want to know then you can PM me. The Monty Chomps and Armageddon battle are all that I consider in continuity, due to a revision of the character.

He once was a man. Now... he\'s something else.

He was a fresh recruit in the marines named Voodoo by his battalion for the lucky Tiki tattoos he gave to himself and the crew. His first deployment took him away from his home in Void to the middle of the Forgotten Islands. His first test of combat Left him to be the sole survivor on an unknown island. Maybe it was voodoo magic that saved him, maybe this was the begining of a curse. A Local bushman tribe captured him and when they saw the Tiki tattoo they took him to the witch doctor to be trained and raised as a warrior. He had to undergo many trials that tested pain tolerance. One such was using razors to carve his skin to resemble a Croc\'s Hide. Over the years The wisemen began to fear the power Voodoo could weild in black magic.

He fell in love with the Tribe Boss\'s daughter but when he learned that she was to be sacrificed to the earth he vented his anger. The Eldars tried to have him killed for his disrespect, but he fought back with all of his power. The tribe was annihilated; all except for the witch doctor. Voodoo decided nothing was left for him here and with his new strength, took on the sea to return to Void city.

Voodoo then began his fighting and tattooing career in Void known as the VoodooTattoon. A hero who stuck to the shadows and would strike fear into the hearts of his adversaries. Some nights his power would start to consume him and he began to fear himself. What he should have feared however, was the man who killed him. In the fight of their lives Voodoo died at the hands of Monty Chomps.

Years later Voodoo has been raised from the dead but He\'s not the same. the once anti-hero is now a full blown villain. Mass Murders ensue as he tries to raise the dead to form his own army of zombies.

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