Marcelo Reyes | Characters

Marcelo Reyes | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'3''
 Created: September 22nd, 2007
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EDIT: Marcelo lives with Nelson and Macario ( ) where they happily bitch and bicker <3

Age: 15
Weight: 135lb
Ethinicity: Mexican(father)/Philipino(mother)


One day, Marcelo’s mother dropped Marcelo off at his father's place. After being fed up with how where his life was going, Marcelo's father decided to leave it all and start all over, but with Marcelo at his side. So his mother and the rest of the family has no idea where they are, and vice versa.
Marcelo would spend all his time with him, watching and playing baseball, and so he came to love the game, not only because it was just fun, but because the best memories he has are with the sport. He's always found carrying a baseball bat.Other than watching baseball, they would go to the park and just look at all the girls, and that's why Marcelo has no respect for woman what so ever (like father, like son) BUT! He's learning, so he's not a complete asshole....
People may be wondering, “Why does he have fox ears and a tail?“ Well, one day his father was a his job at the zoo (it was like a cheap in-the-middle-of-nowhere zoo). After accidentally leaving the fox cage unlocked, the fox got out and that shit just ran away. So he was all freakin’ out, you know? So he goes to a wizard or shaman or witch to get a potion so he can change a mouse or something into a fox and replace the on that ran away before anyone notices. But Marcelo, being a baby, finds the bottle and drinks it. His father sees this and manages to make Marcelo to spit most of it up, but not all of it (and that's why he's half fox). Doctors have suggested for Marcelo to have them surgically removed, but there was a slight chance of him becoming paralyzed (mostly his lower half of the body). SO THAT WAS OUT OF THE QUESTION.

Now, after his father died of lung cancer, Marcelo travels to visit the Shaman who gave the potion to his father years ago. He asks for him to remove his ears and tail (because he look so fucking ridiculous with them), but the Shaman says that he won't help him until Marcelo learns the values of life. So, Marcelo is off to VOID, to learn life's lessons....

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