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Rebel Roach by alberto311
 Gender: Male
 Height: 14\" / 5\' 7\"
 Created: September 15th, 2007
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Liam O’daily is a normal delinquent 16 year old Irish Puerto Rican punk High school student. One day he reluctantly helps a friend rob a genetic research facility, orchestreated by his friends Uncle, when they realize they stumbled on a secret military funded bio weapon lab. Soon after they are discovered and Liam is caught in the escape attempt. The scientist decides to silence Liam by using him as a guinea pig for the thus far failoed attempts at creating a super battle species for the gorvement. Fortunately for Liam the experiment worked.

Name: Liam O’Dailey
Hgt: 5’7”
Wght. 130’
Age: 16
Description: Liam is a average kid. His hotheadness will get him into quick situations and fights. Not oppose to throwing a sucker punch, or fighting dirty if the outcome is his winning. Liam lives with his Father and his 10 year old brother.

Rebel Roach stats:

A. Roach Front view. 14’ ft. tall. 10’ ft. at the head.

B. Where Liam is positioned in the Roach

C. Bio jets with back shell panels opened. Top flight speed at a straight away is about 100mph. Flight is awkward… not the most graceful object in the sky. Turns are slowed and rickety.
D. Bio rockets, 30 total. ( these are cotrolled by telekinetic mind link, about a mile distance.
E. Bio blast. Much like a particle projection cannon from the battle tech game. Distance a quarter of a mile. Drawback – it takes about 2 - 5 minutes to recharge
F. Bio pulses. Something like Starfires from the Teen Titants. Range- 100 yards
G. Can only sustain Roach form up to 4 hours, at which time the Roach collapses and Liam crawls out of the shell. The shell can last up to 48 hours befor it completely disintergrates.

Many government agencies, rival research labs, bounty hunters and secret societies are after the Roach.

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