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Michael Manx | Characters

Michael Manx thumbnail  Gender: male
 Height: 1,70cm
 Created: August 23, 2007
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Name: Michael Manx
Sex/Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height/Weight: 1,70cm 60kg
Heredity: Like the rest of his clan, he has some monkey traces on his face and posture.
Powers: Michael can turn into a “monkey” whenever he eats a banana (he grows a tail, opposite thumbs, and his eyes turn black but the rest of the body stays normal), he has monkey like reflexes and agility, he uses his huge shirt with long sleeves to keep his bananas.
Personality: He hates tthe world and lmost everyone who isn't a Manx, he just wants to go back home in a glorious way so he can have as many Manx bitches as he wants.

Michael is one of the few members of the Manx Clan.
Everyone in this clan has the ability to change into a “monkey” whenever they eat a banana, when they change they grow a prehensile tail, opposable thumbs in their feet, and their eyes turn black, but the rest of the body stays normal.

For many years humans have prosecuted the Manx Clan in order to learn the great magical and technological knowledge that the clan possesses, for this humans have killed and imprisoned many of the Manx. After this the Clan has been hiding in the deep forests of Amazonia.

Michael has trained since he was 6, because he was the chosen between many of his generation to find the mystical Uber Banana, according to the Manx book written by great Manx prophet, the Uber Banana is a legendary fruit that will bring peace and prosperity to the Clan. It also says in the book that this mystical fruit can be found in Void City one of the most mysterious cities in the world.

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