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Espiral | Characters

 Title: King of Monsters
 Gender: female
 Height: 7 m
 Created: July 3rd, 2007
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Name: Spiral
Gender: female
Race: Chimera
Age: 13
Height: 7 m
Weight: 1 ton

Peculiarities: She's back to her original form since Mr crow made her spit the stars she had eaten during the tournament. Her own star is on the tip of her tail, but she can also be killed if the boy is killed, since both are still connected. She can also shoot beams made of dreams and stars. She can't fly anymore since she doesn't have the proper star for doing that.

Personality: The only member of the group who thinks. Seriously. She is calm and treats the boy like he was her own son (reflex of Rose’s wish). She disapproves Mr. Crow’s acts most of the time but seen to obey him.

From Kom
Spiral was the boy’s puppet and became his guardian after Rose’s final wish. She just fought monsters at the tournament to protecting herself (since she has a string with the boy and if she was killed so was the boy) and to protect the boy.

Pos Kom:
Spiral knows that Rose is dead, but still help the boy on his search for his mother (Mr. Crow had prohibited her to tell the truth to the boy). Even receiving the title of King of the Monsters (wich she despises, since it would be Queen for her as she's a fine lady - damn can't anyone tell?), Spiral doesn't care much about the city or it's protection, always putting all her efforts on protecting the boy and keeping him company to anywhere he goes.

Equipment: the boy, Mr. Crow.

Name: Boy (no, seriously, what’s his name again?)
Gender: male
Race: human
Age: 13
Height: 1,65m
Weight: 50 kg

Peculiarities: his left eye is blue and blind (in fact it can see dreams ad illusions). He also carries the scar of the attack that made him lose his eye (read Espiral x Radiotard).

Personality: Energetic but naive, the boy is very strict in his objectives of finding his mom on Void. He’s still in that search since the end of the tournament and gets very upset when anyone (that includes Mr. Crow) tells him that it’s a useless search. He can’t see most of the citizens of Void, since almost everybody in the city forgot how to dream or wish with heart and soul.

From Kom
Sick kid that got killed in a car crash was revived by the last wish of his mother before she died. He lost part of his memory and decided to search for his mom with his imaginary friends, Mr. Crow and Spiral, that were bring to life with the power of the last wish since both are parts of him as well. They have been around the tournament but never had registered, but since in the end they were the last standing in the middle of the mess, the boy was declared the King and all. Mr. Crow lolled.

Pos Kom:
After solving the confusion about who was the true King of the Monsters, the boy passed his crown to Spiral and they all lived happily ever on Void, doing nothing much than search for Rose – the boy’s mom. None took the title seriously and Mr Crow was upset that the crown didn't give any privilegies or discounts on shopping or parking (what, parking a giant-dinosaur-wannabe is expensive!).

Equipment: He’s still caring around Radiotard’s bass, since he believes that one day they’ll meet again.

Name: Mr. Crow
Gender: male
Race: Chimera
Age: 13
Height: 1,98m
Weight: - kg

Peculiarities: He’s a yellow contour. With an a hat and fancy shoes.

Personality: Faggot with everybody but Spiral and the boy, Mr. Crow thinks that he is the best thing alive on Earth, after soda and apple pie.

From Kom
Mr. crow was secretly guarding the boy and chasing the opponents of the tournament by himself (Espiral x Sleeping Boar and Espiral x Headhunter), in order to collect 1000 wishes (since it’s sad that a 1000 random wishes can become the ultimate one if the host can focus and desire).

Pos Kom:
He was able to collect the 1000 stars from the dead body of Headhunter, but decided to keep it secret. He’s still after Rose with Spiral and the boy, and is just waiting for him to finally ask for the final wish. Mr. Crow does know that Rose is dead, but just doesn’t have the balls to tell the boy, that dick.

Equipment: A small jar with the 1000 stars, somewhere inside him.

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