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Doomsday Moth | Characters

Doomsday Moth thumbnail  Gender: male
 Height: 260 ft
 Created: July 3, 2007
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BRIEF: Created by the ancient Mayans out of disgust for the evil of mankind, the Doomsday Moth was sent into space only to return again hundreds of years later to destroy the world.

LONG:As you can read in any history book, the ancient Maya civilization were far advanced for their time. A culture almost obsessed with astronomy, most of their rituals and culture revolved around what went on in the heavens. It was so important that they created a calendar which was highly accurate. However this calendar predicted the world to end in 2012. Over the centuries, the Maya disappeared, leaving behind an unlikely yet ominous prediction for modern man to ponder.
Unknown to modern man, the Mayans didn't DISCOVER the year the world would end, they CHOSE it. Right before the decline of their civilization, the Mayans were at their peak technologically. But socially, they already were at their breaking point. Tribute, corruption, and moral decay was rampant throughout the empire. A group of scientists/priests decided that man's unchecked trek towards progress can only bring about evil and suffering. And so they created a weapon that would obliterate the earth at a set point in time.
With the most advanced of their technology crossing multiple fields, they created a gigantic cybernetic moth in the image of Micpapalotl, one of their gods of death. However, as a final token of hope for the future, they Mayans allowed man a chance to change. The weapon will act as a judge on their behalf, and will only destroy the earth if it does not find a creature worthy of existence.
Launched into space, the Doomsday Moth would orbit around the solar system protected in a technorganic cocoon. Over the years layers upon layers of ice accumulated around the cocoon, making it larger and larger until it was the size of a small moon. Forgotten for years, the cocoon would later be discovered in 1930 by modern man and named Pluto. When the time is right, the cocoon will explode open, launching the Doomsday Moth towards the Earth. There, if it deems earth devoid of worthy life, it will continue onto the sun, where it will detonate itself, creating a hyper-fission chain reaction that will cause the sun to expand briefly, but just long enough to wipe out life on earth.

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