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Aesimi & Beethoven | Characters

 Gender: Fem(Ae) Male(B + C)
 Height: 5' 1 (Ae) 5'8
 Created: April 28th, 2007
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Yea, so it's a little girl with a wolf for a tail, and at the same time, a wolf with a girl for a tail. You see, they are actually reincarnations of Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf (>:0 shut up, fairytales are fun). Only problem is, they share the same body/existance. Aesimi is pretty okay with sharing the body, since she's enjoying the company and is determined to make Beethoven be good and healthy. Her uncle smoked and succumbed to lung cancer, and it is for that reason she is against the wolf's constant smoking, often turning to acts of violence to convey her point. Other than that, she is relatively sweet and kind, but when one threatens to take Beethoven away from her she becomes violent and cold, wanting to do whatever it takes to defend the convict. Beethoven is kind of an ass, an avid chain-smoker, a gambler, and loves a good woman. Though Aesimi adores the wolf, Beethoven loathes the little girl he is attached to, but is always trying to trick her into releasing the spell on them or atleast giving him control so that his body is visible instead of hers. (They have to relenquish control to the other in order to change who's body shows up. Aesimi usually has control, but sometimes gives control to Beethoven when speed and strength is necessary. Either can steal control by knocking the other out though. :3)

As for fighting, Beethoven does most of the fighting with his feral instincts and such, but Aesimi usually relies on weaponry of different sorts. Where does she get it from? Beethoven's seemingly insatiable, endless gullet, that's where. Yes, she reaches down the wolf's throat and pulls out weaponry from rocketlaunchers to maces to swords. Even though she is able to pull such things out however, doesn't mean she knows how to use them or is necessarilly strong enough to weild them properly. Conversely, Beethoven can swallow things like weapons and such, storing it in his warehouse of a stomache. He doesn't really need to eat, since he gets whatever nurishment Aesimi gets (which means she does most of the eating). If Aesimi doesn't eat, they both starve x_x


Aesimi and Beethoven weren't always attached. In fact they hadn't even known each other had existed up until a year ago. Ae was a simple little school girl with little care in the world. Of course, she lived with her grandmother but saw her as a mother anyway. That's what happens when one lives with their grandparent all their life. Her parents were dead--not. They were actually almost always off on business trips or at work, or sometimes going through those "time-apart" spurts parents often have. Around others, Aesimi showed no negative effects from having her parents gone all the time, or the fact that her grandma was old and was probably well on her way to dying. However, it caused Aesimi to be a bit possessive with those she knew, wanting them to be with her all the time and being protective over them. Other than that, everything was fine and dandy... atleast until she met Beethoven.

Beethoven had a more... chaotic life than Aesimi did. He was born to a very violent mother, so there was no surprise when he found himself wandering and getting into trouble. In fact, he was stealing cars before you could say 'zomgawolfisstealingacar'. His life was a life of crime, and his mother rarely bothered to bail him out of trouble. The wolf had far too many enemies--more than he could even count up to. Beethoven dropped out of school and wandered from gang to gang, seeming not to give a damn when the gangs came after him for being a traitor. His crime-rampage continued for years, until he was arrested. Jail was his home for a couple of years until he broke out and fled the law for more than a couple of years. He was happy, atleast until he met Aesimi.

They met on the street, naturally. Aesimi was on her way to school, and Beethoven on his way to get drunk somewhere. Realizing he was broke, the wolf tried to mug the poor girl. Aesimi ran, something not many of Beethoven's victims got to do, and looking for a little fun he let the girl think she was getting away but he actually followed behind her enjoying the chase. Aesimi went to the only place she felt safe, which was her grandmother's house of course. Beethoven didn't like the fact that his prey was out of his reach, so he broke in and threatened both Aesimi and her Grandmother. What he didn't expect was that Aesimi went berserk at the thought of losing her grandmother and knocked him out cold with a lamp. Aesimi felt sorry for the poor wolf and stopped her grandma from calling the police, and suggested that she let her turn the wolf's life around somehow. Her grandmother hated the idea since it was crazy (any logical person would think so) but gave in to Aesimi's insistant pleading. So, she found an old spell that she was positive would help Aesimi in her quest to change Beethoven.

The spell was designed to resemble a contract; the spell would last until Aesimi found the spell useless or Beethoven actally learned to be a model citizen without concern only for himself. What Aesimi or her grandmother didn't predict was that the spell would link the two together by their spine. Beethoven wasn't elated when he found out either, and even tried to attack them upon regaining conciousness. However, it didn't take him long to reallize that if Aesimi died he did too. So from there their adventure began...

... Now, they ended up in VOID city, fleeing from the police and enemies that were after Beethoven from the start. Though Aesimi disliked the wolf at first, she grew very attached to him, and refused to let anyone--not even the law take him away from her. Now she is under the impression that if she can get him to be good then they will stop chasing him. Beethoven however has no objections to killing those that dare chase him, and is more focused on having fun than giving into Aesimi's instructions. :3


After looking for a way to separate themselves, they got a bit of bad luck and the spell holding them together mutated! By pure accident, Caleb stumbled into them [quite literally] and became afixed to their collective body! Oh noooo!

Caleb is a friendly, apologetic tourist that is obsessed with cataloging moments with his camera. Where exactly he comes from is a mystery, but if one were to go through his massive collection of photos they might figure it out...

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