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Ghas thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'7
 Created: April 23, 2007
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Ghas has only one goal that is to survive. For some reason, he cannot seem to remember anything for the last 16 years of his life, only fragments. All he knows is that people in black suit are after him. His real history however involves him with an organization façades as an orphanage that was researching the “Gates of Hell”. Put into project Blasterdash, a project genetically infusing a host with nanotechnology. The project resulted into a failure however when the host subject died. The project was drop and all records mysteriously vanished. A year later, the organization learned of Ghas’ existence. He seemed to have survived, the organization is now in pursuit of him.

Ghas lives off as a thief for the past year. His power is simple yet he seems unable to make it work sometimes, that is he can transfer his point of gravity to another object so, he can manage to walk on walls, ceilings, etc. Having no companion, he has a hard time starting a conversation. Unless, he is curious about something then he would bluntly ask despite perhaps hurting others. He even forgets his name sometimes due to this. He tends to be mischievous at times but is normally inattentive. When his hair grows too long he cuts it himself, making it look messy and unruly. He tries to avoid fights if possible but will do so if pushed to a corner. He would do just about anything to survive. When transferring his gravity point, he can set the amount of force for a short time, meaning he can push someone to a wall with let us say 5 times the gravity pulling him to the wall. Opposite to this skill, he can lessen the amount of force for a short time as well, this makes him somewhat ‘glide’ in the air when jumping. He also has a faster pace in running compared to normal. He can also run away while half-asleep.

Ghas came to Void simply because it is the nearest next city and he does what he always does – try to stay alive. Although what he learns in Void City might change his course of action.

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