Delanna Andria | Characters

Delanna Andria | Characters

 Title: Armageddon 2010 Winner
 Gender: Female
 Height: 1.78m
 Created: April 18th, 2007
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Name: Delanna Andria
Sex/Gender: Female
Age: 26
Height/Weight: 1.78m /60 kilograms

Now as a VCPD Federal Bureau Division agent, armed with Iri's wiregloves.
*possibly explained soon in a BB*

Her name is Delanna, of the Andria family. She was born in Shock City. The city's ever growing interest for guitar and explosions quickle lead her to a musical environment. Delanna plays jazz styled bass guitar since her 10's, and nowadays, when she gets a chance, she might be playing on some random band, as she has quit steady activities. Her favorite bands are Pink Floyd and Weather Report.
Delanna started a spy career on her eighteen's, but as soon as her agency discovered she was a heavy drug addict, she was discarded. As she still needed to buy drugs, or at least set her debts, she started working as a bounty hunter, using her spy skills, like stealth and assassination guts. Before coming definitely to Void City, she had done a visit before, and bought a powerfully heavy drug, called Vacuum Void.
It was so dangerous that it led her on coma, causing a heavy cerebral damage. When she woke up she accidently dismantled the hospital bed into several large metal lines.. The drug had changed her brain. She had some areas damaged (she had her eye cells productions distorted, now only seeing in grayscale, even though she got a reinforced night sight), while others were now used. She didn't have any body strenght increase, or speed and such, but now her skin could do chemical changes in metals, turning them to lines. It's unknown if this power came from her needs as a bounty hunter, or if it was unleashed from her precise bass finger playing.

She recently found that an easier way to quit her debts was by finishing the problems source off: the dealer. She came to Void City to find this guy, which was actually a vampire. Now that she is done with him,she might be free to do what she wants.. or maybe, take Mastigophoras's place as an influent drug dealer.

Delanna is mostly quiet. She will prefer thinking than talking, even because thinking is her best. She won't ever be a talkative type, even though she might do so if she feels comfortable, like with friends, or if she actually gets to outwit the opponent after a harsh battle.
She is shy, even though Delanna believes that she could talk if she wanted, but is not really interested.
Delanna is a bit of melting ice heart: She can mistreat if needed, even kill, but will come to assist if she sees someone doing a person something she would'nt like, like trying to rape a woman and such.

She likes all kinds of elegant clothings, even if it's sexy, and yet classy. Her hair can be used either loose or in a high ponytail (she thinks that a low one sucks hard, and so do I!)
Delanna will never turn her silver cross into lines, since she can't make it back to a cross. The cross is a family heirloom (she will use her power on the rest of the line that holds it, though).
She LOVES jeans.

Metal Lines:
Her "power", as per say, is that one of creating lines from metals, taking for example, a key. She could make whatever amount of line that key volume lets her to.
The "rules" are:
-She must touch the lines with the skin to use it.
-She can change it's measures freely (ie. make it wider but less long), as long as it retains its volume.
-She can make lines out of any kind of metal EXCEPT mercury. Also, she cannot return the lines to their previous form, but can join differnt lines into another one (which means a volume increase).
-Delanna cannot form any objects with the lines, except for things made of lines (like webs), but not (for example) a flat object like a sword. She lines can still be sharp enough to pierce, or so hard as a staff (omg metal amount).

1.Delanna vs Julius: One year in story time compared to her Intro. It is unknown if Delanna has killed real vampires or if she is mind disturbed due to drugs.
2.Delanna's Intro: From then on she assumed Mastigophora's role as drug dealer leader, but even if that happened she lost support from most former leader companions: some even turned to want revenge
3.Delanna vs Twerp and Squert: Takes place during King of Monsters event, 4 months after killing Mastigophora. Delanna's small gang is dennouced by a traitor, and at the same time, attacked by two superheroines. Delanna nearly kills one of them.
4.Iri vs Delanna: The police manages to completely obliterating Delanna's gang, by attacking her operation site, and having Iri attack a drug abused Delanna. Delanna is under arrest.

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