Sangre Gris | Characters

Sangre Gris | Characters

Sangre Gris by Nachte
 Title: Armageddon 2010 Winner
 Gender: F
 Height: 5'6''
 Created: April 15th, 2007
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Sangre Gris as a whole. (or whats left of her.)

Gris is an ex-agent for a non-government organization that remains shrouded in mystery to all but a few leading world-wide government officials. She's spent three years as somewhat of a wandering bum. Going from job to job with no real intention of staying long periods of time. Her resume includes everything from excellent dishwasher to bomb technician, though she's currently unemployed and looking for work. For the past three months our redhead bombshell has found herself staying in an associate's apartment in Void city. The associate would like her leave and stop mooching.

Eyesockets and Eyeballs. (round things we see with.)

Gris still has one eye, thank goodness. Sight is very important to Sangre Gris as without she'd probably be dead. Her eye functions at a much higher level than the average human's eyeball. With three pupils and a white iris Gris can take in much more light than normal, seeing perhaps double/triple the distance of a normal person. Since her eye is more developed than our own it's safe to assume that the optical part of her brain is also. It calculates visual information much faster than any other and therefore things that would seem too fast to recognize would be seen more clearly to Gris. She can also willfully control her light intake by shrinking or enlarging her pupils, thus rendering flash grenades and dark rooms futile.

Depth perception and color loss (also know as why Gris sees in grey.)

Sangre Gris's brain is much sharper in the optical department than normal, as already mentioned. Meaning her brain can still calculate depth perception, but at a cost. To make up for the lack of one eye, her brain has to spread vision over two of her pupils (the two top ones) and sacrifice a lot of Gris's color spectrum. So to see things at the correct distance Gris in turn can not see the warm color spectrum. She can not see red at all, which is entirely grey. Orange, yellow, and violet/purple shades are very dull and muted, to the point of almost being grey themselves. A good example of this is that Gris sees human flesh as a light grey color as opposed to the pink normal humans see.

Side notes (things to mention.)

Has personal attachments to shoes and umbrella. Both are just normal things bought at a normal store, she just happens to have personal attachment to them.

Quick Rundown. (the cheat sheet for lazy readers.)

+ Gris is a ex-agent for a hidden organization.
+ She can control the amount of light she takes in. (make bright light not so bright, make dark rooms lighter.)
+ She sees orange/yellow/purple muted. And sees red completely grey.
+ Takes any kind of employment from bar tending to assassination.
+ Actually a nice person.

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