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Nova | Characters

Nova by fowlie
 Title: Master of Disaster 2009, Armageddon 2010 Winner
 Gender: male
 Height: 6'2"
 Created: April 11th, 2007
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Name: Yuri "Nova" Petrov
Age: 30
Species: Human turned Demon
Height: 6’2”
Nationality: Russian, raised in USA

Nova is a temperamental, chain-smoking, abusive alcoholic. He likes to throw his weight around and dominate the people around him, trying to control every situation he is in, but while he appears confident in himself, he is easily shaken.

His emotional state is very unstable, often he'll jump from calm to outrage at remarks bringing his life style, his past relationships or his sexuality into question. He acts without thought on most cases and does not predict the consequences of a lot of his own actions. He is never sure how far things will go, and these situations almost always get out of hand.

Recent events have caused him to question his sexuality, and he has begun to realize that he can't keep going down the same road he has been traveling for most of his life.

Demonic powers:
Nova never stays dead for long, after being killed he's soul will return to hell for "reassignment", and he will be bad between a few hours or a few months. Think of Hell like a DMV... He can also transform his arms into long tentacles.

First, the bone inside of his arm breaks apart, and forms into to the muscle creating more mass. As that is happening, long strips of flesh begin to peel back [like how a banana is peeled] and shape themselves into snake-like tentacles. Nova's tentacles are pure muscle covered in a thin sheet of red skin, dripping left over blood from their spawning.

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