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Worltex by Wolcik
 Gender: male
 Height: 6' 3 feet
 Created: April 11th, 2007
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1) Basic Information
2) Worltex - main character
3) Mel - Worltex's girlfriend - she doesn't have to appear
4) Spells

1) Basic___________________________________________________________________________

"Orgin of the Devil" is sort of ilustrated bio

Worltex in age of 75 took under his wing young girl named Ryoor, and start to pass his knowladge on to her, 20 years later he fought against the devil.

>>>History before Void<<<
Whole incident with devil shall be put into BeyondBattles:
1 - Hordes of Devil - done!
2 - Orgins of Devil - done!
3 - Terltex the Suffering One. - Under progress
4 - Battle Assembly.
5 - Act of Sacrifice. (fight)
6 - Journey to Void.

2) Worltex _______________________________________________________________________

Powerful magic user that back in his universe was spiritual leader of huge tribe. He was rised to help others.
Worltex sealed a devil in himself and had to leave his world, but unfortunettly instead of void, he got to Void City.

>>Full name:
Servant of Worlth - Fifth Worltex of Second rulling - Worltex the Outcasted
[calling him simply Worltex is fine since he probably won't introduce himself fully]
Classbinder (mage/druid/shaman/conjuer)
6' 3"
105 kg
>>Hair color:
black laid back with gel
>>Eyes color:
helpful, very inteligent (IQ 180+; enchanted by his magic), usually if possible first think through situation than acts;
battle tactican, very fast reader - fast learner, trap making, good with short-range weapons and mele fighting - very agile. If possible avoids battle or at least try to
immobilaze his oponent as soon as possible.

3) Mel ___________________________________________________________________________

Worltex's fiance, she fell for him after he saved her life. After events of "House of W: Under fire" she's being hospitalised with her child.

>>Full name:
Mellany Whitecastle
5' 0"
55 kg
>>Hair color:
black,fringe dyied in white
>>Eyes color:
light blue
chearful, talkative

4) Spells__________________________________________________________________________

Unlike in his world Worltex can't maintain any magic from just mixing leafs and animal parts, he needs to focus and summon magic energy from the surrondings through himself or just absorb his own life energy.
Worltex always have at least 5 bottles with compressed magic energy in his beltbag.
To fill such bottle he needs over half an hour, and to create a big earthquake he'd need at least 3 or 4 of them. The fluid inside this bottle looks like a orange glowing water in pudding state :)
He can also use his life force as replacment for this energy, but overusing it will cause tireness and eventually damage to his body.

Worltex's currently working on creating a Magic Guantlet that would make his magic faster and more efficent.

Magic he can use: Elemental, Summoning, ect.

>>>Worltex can foresaw future in two ways:
- the harmless version which gives him unclear hints whenever some action can give bad or good resaults - requires only concentrate for a moment (durring fight he does it as natural way of planing the fight).
- drug like usage of magic - his pilars disapears and he starts breathing smoke - he can see from far future (but small events can change it), and the nearest (this way he can even dodge bullets and lighting bolts) - this kind of future foresawing damages his mind and confuses him, overusage can make him forget when, where and who he is.
>>>Paralyzing spell - usually does this spell at the begining of confrontation to give himself few seconds to think. He completly blocks body movment and sometimes can withhold special abilities, but last from 15 sec to 1 min, and usually he can't catch anyone to this spell when element of the suprise is gone.
>>>Earth magic - from breaking ground under feet of his enemy and small sandstorms to earthquakes and avalanches.
>>>Fire magic - can create fire and control it - can't control someone else's fire (uses air to block it), but can't create a seal that makes fireusers unable to use their
skills at it.
>>>Air magic - from small blows of wind to move objects (instead of telekinesis) to windshackles that can cut flesh, and even tornados
>>>Water magic - can't create water, but is able to bring it up from deep underground to surface and control it to make giantic waves.
>>>Life magic - makes plants grow faster and even harder their structure (tree's branches are harder to break), can bost his strenght and speed at cost of later fatique lose
>>>Summoning - for now he can only summon Elementals that can have vary of forms, but they lack of inteligance (can perform only simple action like, e.g. "smash this", "pick up

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