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Nameless thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'
 Created: March 21, 2007
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The Battle of Stygian Gate was to be a decisive turning point in the war for feudal supremacy in the region of North Chiar. The Imperial Army comprised of the renowned "Saints" were being tested by the fanatical aggression of the Followers of The Flame, a group of rogue warriors opposed to the Chiarian Emperor. As the two sides engaged in climatic violence, a saint known as Goujin was leading a phalanx toward the nucleus of battle to reinforce the saints army. When they charged the center, in the middle of the melee, Goujin suddenly stopped taking several arrows and cuts from enemy swords and began removing his armor, just as he dropped the remaining piece, he raised his eyes to the sky to meet an awesome flash of light. as the blinding light began to dissipate, the battlefield was silent. The stench of death filled the air as every combatant on the plain lay dead, Saint and FOTF. Only the man bearing the semblance of the saint Commander Goujin remained, but he was not the same man. Some have said that the man once known as Goujin was possessed by a demon. Others believe that Goujin has become the physical embodiment of Death itself. Whatever happened on that fateful day was the end of a formidable warrior and the beginning of a legend.

After facing battle in the Void, Goujin was allowed to return home to his family.

However, as his door closes, another opens...

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