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 Gender: male
 Height: 5\"8\'
 Created: March 1st, 2007
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Well let’s take a trip to the past, back when these two weren’t even aware of each others existence.

Back when Nelson Tucker was 19 years old, his mother’s death (that’s closely connected to Macario’s stepdad’s neglect towards both his family and the risks implied in owning a tourist attraction with large heights) changes his father and changes him, seeking the man’s approval by studying as hard as he can. Nothing matters more than his father’s opinion towards him, drastically twisting his ideas and beliefs.

By that time Macario Luna was 18 years old and all of his sisters had gotten married, leaving Macario without more responsibilities ( by this I mean he worked to earn money for them since he was 6 years old). He leaves home after his stepdad, furious because his tourist attraction was closed when a woman died, loads his anger on him and kicks him out. But wanting to keep an eye on his mother and grandmother, he asks for help from a friend who lived near and who’s sister, Lucia, he was in love with.

Macario spends the next 2 years traveling around South México, and Nelson absorbs his father’s phobias and retrograde way of thinking like a sponge.

Lucia’s pregnancy was the main reason that Nelson and Macario met each other at the frontier when the young Mexican had to look further north to get his girlfriend money. Nelson lets his friends drag him to a little of adventure in the frontier (they thought he had “a stick up his ass” and needed to have fun for once). What he called the “First and last time” he took a break from his studies would be the day he would leave forever.

After causing major troubles to each other (Tucker having the illegal guy caught by immigration and Luna pickpocketing the money the blondie needed to avoid getting jailed once they were at the mexican’s side of the wall) they suffer an accident that leaves Nelson’s left leg and Macario’s right leg injured beyond repair.

Whilst they were unconscious a Shaman tries to cure them both at the same time. And he was on it, doing pretty good, sadly for them our Shaman isn’t very smart and fucks it up.

They end up sharing a middle leg.
After spending something like 6 months pasted to each other (they are now 21 and 20 years old) they decide to ask for help from Nelson’s dad that, well, believed him dead. And the operation would have been successful if it didn’t mean leaving one of them cripple. Spending such a long time in hard conditions next to someone can really change the view you have on said person and not wanting to betray Macario like that, Nelson decides it’s time for moving somewhere else and Macario knows exactly where to go.

This is a very crappy bio, and for more info about the characters you should go visit this link –>

030 mrr.

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