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Anya thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'5''
 Created: February 26, 2007
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Anya is just a normal girl that grew up with her sister in an orphanage, little did she know that the orphanage was just a facade set by an organization researching the "Gates of Hell". This girl, along with the other Orphans, were experimented on, she though the experiments were just nightmares for several years, since the children were heavily sedated as these took place. Until one day she stumbled upon the truth by accident and fled, taking with her a dagger she found in the orphanage (actually a Demon called Akantha in the form of a Dagger).

She actually has no powers per-se, she's just a 17 year old girl with no combat training, special abilities or anything of the sort, she's very resourceful and smart but she isn't used to fighting or violence, so at gunpoint, or during a fight she might just panic or freeze. Akantha, for some strange reason, however, has decided to help her, when her life is in danger, Akantha'll use its "tail" to burrow into her arm and connect with her nerves (VERY painful). That way Akantha becomes attached to her hand (particularly the index finger, a la Velociraptor claw) and takes control of her brain, fighting in her stead (nothing too wow, just improved speed, strength, not even superhuman, though it does grant her some fighting expertise, oh, and she doesn't feel pain in this state.). The second power comes with her chronic headaches, whenever her headache reaches an apex, the symbol of Cerberus on her forehead will start bleeding and she'll summon a random demon. The demon will usually be very disoriented, and even angry in the case of more sentient, higher level creatures, but something will compel it not to kill Anya, nevertheless the creature is not obligated to fight for her.

Anya came to Void for two reasons, first, she's on the run, the people of the Orphanage want her and Akantha back, so she figured in a city where every other person has some sort of supernatural ability, she'd be harder to find. The second reason stems from the same fact, she figured in a city like this, someone is bound to have some experience with demonology and might be able to help her figure out what was done to her, why she has such strange power and how to control it.

UPDATE - Since coming to void, Anya has started renting out an appartment with Vinca Pervinca and Aja Reiche, as well as getting a job waitressing at P2s club (she lied about her age in her job application, as she was 17 when she got the job), since the power snuffers in the club stopped her near constant headaches. Unfortunately, her life of peace was short lived, she was found by the orphanage after summoning a demon that got on TV against Frank Kodi. Using Doctor Pye and Jong as proxies, Logos of the orphanage caused Anya to summon a dozen of rogue demons, which then spread to void. With Jong's help, Anya begun to chase down the demons, however, after the first one, she was unable to kill them, feeling more identified with them than with her friends and other humans. Anya is currently worried about the situation and feels alone and scared, she feels closer to the monsters she summoned than to other people, and is drifting apart from her close friends, like Aja or Vinca.

Akantha doesn't seem to have any other abilities besides being able to graft onto people, adopting different shapes and amplifying the person's power. Since Anya is pretty weak, so is Akantha when it grafts onto her arm. Akantha is extremely loud, self-centered and sarcastic, it enjoys banter with Anya, peeking on her while she showers, and is addicted to coffee.

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