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Cy-Boar | Characters

Cy-Boar thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 7' 1" including ea
 Created: November 17, 2006
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Cy-Boars status as a wanted escaped fugitive effects his demeanor. He avoids humans at all times, except in extreme curcumstances. Even when people see him who have no idea what he is, they usally react badly to his ferocious fascade. So he prefers the peace of the wilderness, to the constant fights that ensue when people are around..

He is not really cut out to be a "mountian man" loner though. He prefers having friends and companions, but has had bad experiences in the past and chooses his associates carefully.

He is also an idealist believing that he should do whatever he can to help the helpless. But WHO are the helpless ones he should be helping? Animals? Mutants? Humans? This is a problem he has yet to reconcile. But when he DOES believe in a cause, he will use all of his power to savagely get things set straight.

People who see him assume hes a slow witted and slow moving monster. They are wrong on both accounts.... And he uses this perception to his advantage allowing othere to be lulled into complacency before he strikes quickly and decisively.

One night wild boar was shot by an old
farmer for eating his crops. The boar
was left for dead, but found by some
strange government agents the next
morning and taken to their secret facility .
The boar was experimented upon, given
genetic treatments and untested
bionic components.
Along with other experimental animals,
this “Cy-Boar” was trained into a deadly
military bio-weapon.
Cy-Boar realized that he was going to be
brainwashed into a mindless slave so he
broke out and escaped into the forest.
One of the only subjects to escape “The
Project” before it was shut down, Cyboar
now wanders the forest trying to find his
place in a world where he doesnt belong.

Cy-Boar was highly trained in modern
military tactics, most NATO weapons,
Karate, Judo, and demolitions. He
has also many computer applications.

Physical Abilities
Cy-Boar possesses the natural
characteristics of a russian boar:
thick plated hide, 6” tusks, excellent
hearing and sense of smell. He is also
in peak physical condition, comperable
to a pro football player.

Cyboar carries a large double bladed ax,
and sometimes grenades or other military

Bionic Capabilities
Cy-Boar’s right side is completely
artificial & equipped with:
• Internally recharging fuel cells
• Bulletproof Titanium Armor plating
• Pneumatic grappling claw w 30’ cord
• Direct computer/web interfacing
• Super-human strength
• Radar and optical sensors
• Multi-spectrum lights
• Hydrolic leaping leg
• Internal repair arm

Built in Weapons
• internal arm mounted fission rifle
linked to power core.
• arm mounted machete
• retractable claws in fingertips

Cy-Boar usually wears ripped jeans, or
military BDUs. Occasionally he wears
other clothing if he can find sizes that
will fit his large frame.

Bionic Eye
When Cy-Boar is in danger, his targeting
system automatically activates. It can be
seen as a glowing red cross hair in his
camera lens.

Left Eye
Cy-Boar’s natural eye is a milky white.
Apparently a side effect of the genetic
manipulation process.

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