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Dee | Characters

Dee by D6016
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6
 Created: November 15th, 2006
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Name: Dee
Real name: Darryl

Temperament: Usually Calm and sweet, but always seems to have a incredible weight on his shoulders. He does have a short temper which he tries to hold back, but always feels like crap after he lets it take over. Talk of the events of his home leaves him feeling depressive.

Info: D is the guy, that people tend to lean on when their down, and hes usually there, even for strangers. He has a great respect for life and people making their own decisions. So what the hell hes doing in Void is a mystery. Another mystery is why the hell he has cybernetic limbs, one of which is meant for combat.

D was not mentally stable for a long time, or so the doctors thought. His body was inhabited by 2 souls, D and another who called himself Eid. At age 18 the doctors attempted a lobotomy to curb D's violent behaviors, The where horrified to find D Ripped apart and left helpless def and mute while a carbon copy of him stood above him eating one of the arms he tore off. Eid escaped into the streets and began a killing spree with the first weapon he could find. D survived, but was left in a catatonic state. When the police tracked Eid down a year later, he refused to surrender and began to attack, he was instantly pumped full of led When Eid died, D woke, the soul of Eid returned to his body, and went to sleep.

D was finally what he should have always been like mentally, but left with no way to move, or talk or even hear, he allowed experimental operations to be conducted to on him to give him back what remained of his life. Even though the operations where successful, he had to be kept medicated for a month while his nerves painfully adjusted to the new cybernetic body parts.

Nowadays cybernetic limbs are common if you got the cash or have friends in high places. He still has his big heavy clunky prototype limbs, he keeps as reminders, that and he can't afford the newer realistic limbs XD.

For a while he went to some remote place in Russia out of shame, Finding out what Eid did while he was catatonic left him with a horrible sense of guilt and grief. He couldn't bare to look around, almost everyone was hurt by Eids actions. He felt leaving was the best thing he could do for his home.He was brought to Void by an unusual towering man, with other-worldly powers. (one of the Many grim Reapers)

D to this day, still has dual souls, The Eid soul is locked away deep in the depths of his mind, sleeping, and dreaming of being free again, on occasionally calling to other Demons and spirits.

Also known to carry a cowtato around in his pocket. (a small starch based cow creature as seen on reference sheet)

Other info:
Does not always carry his Tommy gun!
The tommy gun he has is actually a backup weapon, always loaded with one 30 round clip. He carries around 5 spare 30-round clips on the back of his belt.
Mainly Fights Non-lethal
Mainly a Fist fighter (they are Metal After all)
The big black wires that you see on his right arm are actually Tentacle like cables with large spikes on the ends.
His right arm, has a concealed tazer.
The 2 The bright green wires at his wrists link to the power supplies within the arms.
His right eye has normal sight, as well as Night vision and inferred.
Left arm is an basic arm for the most part.
Big green Bubble on Left had is used to adjust right eye's zoom and view type, as well at volume and frequency he hears at, normally set to basic hearing.
The cybernetics of his body has him at 215lbs
Cant Swim on account of cybernetics Limbs
Cybernetics are waterproof
His movements are a bit Slow

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