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Cabal Co. by Radio
 Gender: Little bit of both.
 Height: 5\'7\" and 6\'0\"
 Created: October 13th, 2006
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Partners in crime or whatever it is these guys do, Dominic Constantine and Renée LaFayé’s profession was something along the lines of tomb raiding and selling magical artefacts on the black market for profit. Though really, they’d steal or acquire these items from anywhere; dead people aren’t the only ones with worthwhile things.

Anyway, on one particular outing to find some arcane items they had tracked down via research, they were disappointed to discover that the ancient shrine had already been raided by someone else when they got there. That meant that pretty much everything of worth had already been taken, aside from a few odds and ends that had been left behind for some reason. Though they had no idea what the left overs did or where they were from, they took them back to their business in London hoping they could at least partially cover their losses.

Most of the junk turned out to be completely useless (no magical power what-so-ever), but one piece left them mystified. It appeared to be a long metal chain with a loop on each end, but with no discernable purpose. Both thoroughly frustrated by the whole ordeal, they ended up in an argument while looking it over, which seemed to trigger whatever mystical powers it had contained. Though it was a bit of a blur exactly how it happened, it sprung to life, each side enclosing around one of their wrists, chaining them together much like a conventional pair of handcuffs.

Very displeased to discover that they were stuck to each other, Dom and Ren immediately began using all their knowledge and resources to try to free themselves, but nothing seemed to work. While they had been friends and partners for quite a few years, not being able to get farther than about three meters away from each other was not a good thing. Especially when they were opposite genders with some other very contrasting qualities in their personalities. Therefore, they began a quest to find away to break whatever curse was keeping them together; which eventually led to Void.

There had to be some sort of key that they had missed or some sort of spell that could free them, and what better could you think to look for it?


Though they’re good friends (partially because no one else was good enough/would take them) they’ve been more at ends with each other since they’ve been spending every second of every day around each other. Neither are really evil, per se, but just do whatever they want regardless of what the law/other people say. In other words, neutral until they are swayed in either direction.

Dominic Constantine: -Intelligent, cynical, sarcastic, sadistic, calm, quiet, strategic, observant and loyal, he has a habit of hiding behind a mask of either false politeness or apathy around strangers.
-22 years old with a moderate Scottish accent.
-Has never killed (doesn’t mind seeing other people do it though), and is prone to shamelessly forfeiting battles if things get too tough or frivolous.
-Has a masochistic streak and can take a beating like nobody’s business.

Renée LaFayé: -Intelligent, cynical, sarcastic, sadistic, aggressive, bisexual, harsh, stubborn, proud, and brash, she is very confident in the fact that she is perfect and assumes she is greater than pretty much everyone she meets.
-21 years old with a thick French accent.
-Kills when she feels like it, and won’t run from a battle until she’s incapacitated.
-Has an EXTREME fear of blood. May pass out/have a panic attack at the sight of large amounts of it, and even small amounts cause her to freak out or get queasy.
-Has a strange soft spot for children and animals.


Both are very intelligent, and so use their heads first and foremost, but both also have some manner of martial arts training (though really it’s a more ‘doing this and this makes you win’ than a style) and both can use some form of magic that they picked up over the years.

Dominic wears a necklace he got at some point. On it are five white beads, one for each of the senses. When he touches them he can use to enhance whichever sense he chooses. He also knows some cloaking spells and crap like that. Practical stuff.

Ren is more prone to the ‘burn stuff to the ground’ and ‘blow shit up’ kind of magic. She avoids drawing blood like the plague, though, so she also has some painful but woundless techniques in her arsenal.

They both use a natural, holistic, kind of magic, which is basically them manipulating the world’s natural energies to do things. (IE. invisibility would be done by manipulating light.) This means it will probably be based on either harnessing or modifying the way things work in nature.

They have other magical tools and stuff they’ve collected over the years, but that’s up to your imagination. It can be anything, really, though usually with some cultural origins.

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