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Burake | Characters

Burake by Burake
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6\' 1
 Created: Prior to recording
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Name: Sin Burake
Nickname: Sin
Ht: 6\'3 (Normal) 7\'2 (Sin Mode)
Wt: 238 lbs (Normal) 948 lbs (Sin Mode)

Burake was once one of 12 super-elite warriors whose destiny it was to battle for the fate of the universe itself. But after eons of immortality in combat Burake decided he no longer wished to remain among the Sin. With heavy hearts but hope for his future, the Sin council granted Burake his freedom and left him with a small portion of his powers. However, his departure was not looked upon so highly by a mysterious conspirator among the Sin Counciil and from their meddling Burake was branded with the burdens of crimes he never comitted. He has since seemingly vanished from existence, but in truth he is still alive, living out his life in Void city. Recently though, with the kidnapping of his girlfriend, Burake\'s Sin powers have begun to resurface, as other forces close in to control Burake\'s life and bring it to an end.

Fatass-Burake\'s new pet. It\'s a panda, and it weighs about 100 tons. It\' really fat and sits there a lot. It smacks things a lot and costs countless dollars in property damages, and it came from \"We\'re Not Evil Petshops,\" an affiliation subsidiary of \"We\'re Not Evil Labs\" (copyright to Hiemie)
The Harem-Burake Co-Owns (with another named Sora) a Day-Spa for women named which he has humorously entitled \"The Harem.\" His girlfriend Mariam hates the idea.
Tattoo-Burake has a tattoo of a Zero (0) on his back.

Super Healing-He can heal from any injury instantly.
Strength-He is inherently super strong, but when he charges his body with Sin energy, his physical prowess becomes limitless.
Blood Energy-This energy is NOT projectible. (No fireballs) This liquid energy flows through his body like blood.
Teleporting- Burake can teleport anywhere within a 100-meter radius. This is an instantaneous teleport, and requires no down time. Its very difficult to do, and exhausts his stamina when used multiple times in succession. (Ask if you need a ref.)
Resilience-Burake feels little pain.
SIN mode- he gets a thick layer of reptilian scales, horns on his back, and a tail with a serpent\'s head on the end. This status boosts his physical attributes, his size, instincts, and heightens his senses. He can go in and out of this form at will.
Overload: He discharges all of the blood from his body to make a large mile-2mile wide dome and kill everything inside including himself. Super effective but also very dangerous, and not highly looked upon by those who value human life.

1. Slow-Burake moves about as fast as a normal human being.
2. Fighting ability- Burake knows little more than punching and kicking like an ordinary person.
3. Emotions- Burake has a soft spot for kids, pets, and women.
4. Nightmares-Burake will sometimes fall into a nightmare like status will facing an opponent. He acts like a rabid animal, grabbing his head and screaming, often lashing out at people objects and most often himself.
5. Unconcious-If knocked unconcious, he’ll stay that way anywhere from 6 hours, to 6 weeks.
6. Sin Powers-Exhausting, sometimes fatally so. But his healing keeps him alive just enough to see another day.
7. Spiders-As powerful as he is Burake has several odd phobias, including Spiders, Seals and glowsticks.
8. Dismemberment-Burake hates fighting opponents with sharp/pointy edges. He pays good money for his civilian clothes and everytime he gets cut in half or loses a leg he has to buy new ones, and he HATES shopping.
9. Food-Burake has to eat and sleep like anyone else. He doesn\'t do it often but when he eats, he eats and eats and EATS! A dumptruck of steaks will usually be a good appetizer, and 72 hours of sleep is always sufficient.

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