Carstein Rand | Characters

Carstein Rand | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 6\' 5
 Created: September 30th, 2006
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Carstein Rand is the owner and CEO of the Lucky Star Tobacco Corporation. He is also one of the most powerful Necromancers in the world. Carstein came into the business world suddenly about ten years back, a recluse yet extremely brilliant, his small company in the matter of a decade overtook nearly all of the major tobacco firms around the world. Thats when things took a turn for the worse. Suddenly cancer became a world wide epidemic, with cases more than trippling.

This was of course all part of Carstein\'s plan. Everyone has to have goals, and Carstein\'s certainly is ambitious. He views life as a mistake, every single person\'s life is filled with nothing but problems, chaos and strife. In death everything is order, everything is complete. Carstein struggles with his own world view. Everyone he sees has no reason to live, their lives are nothing but sensless strings with no goals or ambitions. He has to end it for them, however to do so he must remain alive. His killing doesn\'t end one\'s existance, it is mearly spreading his goal and ambition, his undead legion rise to give his message of peace, and order;death to the living.

Carstein views himself as a nessesary evil. He fights using his most powerful weapon, his mind. Rarely showing himself he uses his subordinates and his powerful necromantic and illusion spells to destroy his more powerful opponents.

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