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 Title: Armageddon 2006 Winner
 Gender: Unknown
 Height: Unknown
 Created: Prior to recording
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The Baron wants something in Void, he wants it so much that he's willing to destroy the entire city to obtain it. The Baron is a necromancer/sorcerer. He knows many a spell and has military experience. He's immortal to a point, as in he can be killed but not by disease or old age. The Baron has at his disposal a military force of zombie soldiers that despite being zombies can still do their soldiery duties effectively. They follow orders from the baron till he tells them to do something else or they are destroyed (so even if he's killed, the zombies will still follow the last order he gave them to the letter) His manservant bot Manuel is a nice robot, quiet and happy to be left alone to enjoy the world. He is however horribly depressed since he has to take orders from the Baron (he's programmed to) so he will worry about getting his tasks correct. Hes far too timid to back chat so he will mopingly go about his duties. ----- The serpent is called Sarparajni and is connected to the Barons past. It's a huge creature that lives in the sewage system of Void and has done for quite some time. It can produce an alarming amount of offspring that spit acid from their mouths. The offspring are mindless killing machines, having only two purposes. To eat and protect their mother.

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